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James Bond 007: Blood Stone screenshot
James Bond 007: Blood Stone screenshot

Activision's James Bond games have been removed from a variety of digital platforms.

Steam users noticed that Quantum of Solace, Blood Stone and 007 Legends had each mysteriously disappeared from the online store earlier this week, amidst speculation that the publisher's right to use the James Bond license had expired.

The games have also been removed from Activision's own digital store, while Games on Demand versions of Blood Stone, Quantum of Solace, and GoldenEye 007 Reloaded have each been taken down from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

However, it isn't yet known for certain why the games have been removed, whether they'll reappear, or why the decision to pull them only seems to affect certain platforms.

A digital version of 007 Legends is still available to purchase on PlayStation Store, for example.

According to a GameSpot report published at the time of the license's acquisition, Activision's right to use the James Bond license expires in 2014. has contacted Activision for comment.

Source: Steam

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User Comments

dav2612's Avatar


I played Blood Stone a few weeks back and thought it was decent. I've got a couple of Bond games from a pile of PS2 games I was given a while back, From Russia With Love and another with Brosnan on the cover I believe.
Posted 08:52 on 07 January 2013
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ Clockpunk

Last proper decent James Bond game I played would be Everything or Nothing. A cracking third person shooter and even got Pierce Brosnan and some other actors to lend their voices to the game. I never did play From Russia With Love, always wanted too mind, but never got round to playing it. I do want to play 007 Legends, as its just the Bond fan within me to play it. Me being me rather liking the mediocre games, as I believe in the public eye people won't try games if reviewers or so 'claimed' to be reviewers slate the game.

People need to take a chance and see if they like it. That's what true gaming is about, unearthing that hidden gem!
Posted 13:41 on 06 January 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


I recall rather enjoying Goldeneye: Rogue Agent on PS2 back in the day... a bog standard FPS, of course, but the dual wielding was particularly effective/fun! That was the last one I did enjoy, though... the terrible From Russia With Love decimated any love for the franchise as a game series that I may have had.
Posted 13:55 on 05 January 2013


Only the Wii Goldeneye seemed to get it right. Odd, really, seeing as it was otherwise of bereft of good shooters.
Posted 13:54 on 05 January 2013
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ pblive

Yeah it was alright and Blood Stone in some parts but Legends did look that bad. But for a franchise to be totally destroyed and not well used, it isn't nice.
There was no excuse as there are lots of films to use and villans etc which I felt Goldeneye got right with it's unlocks where you could access new levels after doing the game on certain difficulties.
It also did levels outside of the film and some of it's gaps, it's aged now but some of it's levels are still really good.
The other Bond games since have been no where near as good and have been poorly handled.
Posted 13:50 on 05 January 2013


I thought Quantum of Solace was ok, I liked the rooftop bits, anyway.
Posted 13:43 on 05 January 2013
rbevanx's Avatar


I never understood why Activision never used Sledgehammer or Infinity Ward to make a Bond game.
I thought that was the plan personally when they bought the rights, have another big shooter franchise to milk.
Posted 13:37 on 05 January 2013
Wido's Avatar


Sounds like Activision is getting rid of the 007 license. Thank god if so! There has been a few good James Bond games over the years, but ever so recently been crap. The last decent James Bond game I have played was Blood Stone, which I really did enjoy, shame about Bizarre Creations however.

I think Sony could snap this up and turn it into exclusive. Get one of their top triple AAA studios behind the game, say Naughty Dog? And oh my... I think we'll have a classy bond that will easily surpass the daunting 007 Goldeneye N64 off its shoulders. We all have our dreams :(
Posted 11:18 on 05 January 2013
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Very strange indeed.
Posted 01:13 on 05 January 2013

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