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Gears of War: Judgment players can purchase double XP via microtransactions, can confirm.

The temporary experience boost is available to buy through Judgment's in-game store, with packs starting from 80 Microsoft Points (£0.69) right up to 800 Microsoft Points (£6.85).

For 80 MSP, players can purchase a 10 Match Pack of double XP, which provides them with twice as much XP for the following 10 matches.

Alternatively, Microsoft offers a 50 Match Pack for 320 MSP (£2.74), a 100 Match Pack for 560 MSP (£4.80), and a 200 Match Pack for 800 MSP (£6.85).

Players can also opt to pick up the game's VIP Pass for 1600 MSP (£13.71) which, besides other things, grants access to a selection of VIP-only playlists that dish out permanent double XP.

As well as levelling up, XP is used to unlock character and weapon skins, and earn Epic PrizeBoxes: bonus chests containing rare skins.

Level-based achievements also make up for 240Gs worth of the game's overall achievements.

Microtransactions have become popular amongst publishers looking to sell additional content despite facing criticism from some consumers.

EA was criticised for its decision to include microtransactions in Dead Space 3, which lets players buy additional resources to craft new weapons.

Activision also introduced microtransactions to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 last week.

Microsoft has previously experimented with double XP promotions, too, but up until now has never directly sold it. Last year, specially marked Doritos and Mountain Dew products granted Halo 4 players temporary access to double XP .

Gears of War: Judgment launches on Xbox 360 this Friday, March 22.

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User Comments

munkee's Avatar


Perhaps I don't have a firm grasp on multiplayer mechanics, but wouldn't XP boost players end up in higher ranked match-ups? New comers would always play newcomers, right? So if anything, XP boosting would have a negative impact unless you were already a damn good player. Otherwise wouldn't a player miss out on gaining real experience from fighting their way through the ranks. I can't see how this has negative impact on the game.

I could have this all wrong but what I see is people who play fair will get better as they rank up. People who buy XP will stitch themselves up in harder ranks that they aren't ready for. Only people who could gain are hardcore players wanting to bypass little league matches.

Multiplayer remains the same.
Posted 09:09 on 19 March 2013
Wido's Avatar


What a way to kill the multiplayer too. Like FM said, it would be great at a budget price. People spending up to £40 on the game and then these micro-transactions to buy further unlocks early than doing the ever so loveable grind will kill its community. The hardcore will love this, and the middle guy and new guys will die off.
Posted 08:51 on 19 March 2013
munkee's Avatar


Seems like a pretty good business model to me. It's smart. I don't agree with it, but consider how many people will pay to boost XP. They're actually going to convince consumers/gamers to PAY for absolutely NOTHING. This deserves a round of applause.

Part of me has sympathy for the parents who don't understand what it is their child keeps spending this money on. But they shouldn't allow their children/teenagers to have 18 certificate games anyway. Any adult who is spending money on boosting XP has no sympathy from me.
Posted 08:12 on 19 March 2013
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ FantasyMeister

You are gonna have to get use to this FM, it's gonna be the new norm.

As long as it is in the menu nothing more and away from my game in single player I don't mind.
Posted 11:34 on 18 March 2013
bloody27's Avatar


would you also like to rip off my house?
Posted 11:22 on 18 March 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I think this business model is fantastic as it allows publishers to sell the main game at a budget price to everyone and then make up the funding via pre-order exclusives, microtransactions, online passes, VIP passes, annual passes and DLC.

*Checks RRP*

Oh, wait...
Posted 06:44 on 18 March 2013

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