Gears of War 3 screenshot
Gears of War 3 screenshot

The human race has all gone tits up, basically. After the messy nonsense of Gears of War 2's ending, the third game - which we've already covered the multiplayer of - starts with a fractured and splintered humanity pushed to its very limits. Even Chairman Prescott has upped and buggered off to greener pastures, entirely abandoning the COG remnants, who are now living at sea on a flotilla of ships to avoid the problematic (and explosively gooey) lambent Locust horde. What kind of a leader is that, huh? You certainly wouldn't see David Cameron swanning about on holiday while his citize-- oh.

Anyway, Delta Squad is now living on the CNV Sovereign. Marcus is tormented by funny dreams about his missing father, Dom has grown a beard and taken up gardening, and Anya is now more than the pouty voice at the end of a Tac-Com.

Chapter 1, Anchored, is your basic orientation - you meet the cast, you go over the basic controls, and Anya takes the expository role to fill you in on everything that's been going on since you were last here. What this basically means is that the old Locust you fought in the first two games have now been replaced by the glowy ones, who now mutate, grow blobs and tendrils, and aren't nearly as satisfying to chainsaw because they explode. Oh, and they attack the ship.

While I can't say this for certain, either, I'm 200 per cent confident the regular Locust will make an appearance before the game's half-way point.

Still, right now it's all about the Lambent. Much of your time at this point is spent fighting regular grunts and new Polyp beasts - basically glowing mutant spider-things that you need to shoot before they get up close and personal. They're fiddly, but not nearly as destructive as Gears of War 2's Tickers.

The CNV Sovereign is well and truly screwed by the time Chapter 2, aptly titled Abandon Ship, rolls around, with Delta Squad now attempting to get off the ship. Oh, and Prescott turns up and promises to answer lots of questions about Marcus' father. Questions such as: what exactly is the deal with Marcus' father?

Still, there are bigger issues - such as the massive Lambent Leviathan trying to kill everybody. You'll remember the Leviathan from Gears of War 2 - it was the boss you killed by running inside its mouth and throwing loads of grenades at its throat. This one, however, can only be blasted in the eyes - and it needs Baird and Cole to turn up and drop an entire crate of Tickers on its face to be put down.

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Going by this, Gears 3 is easily getting a 9, more than likely a 10
Posted 22:30 on 15 August 2011

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