Gears of War 3 screenshot
Gears of War 3 screenshot

Epic has no plans to move the Gears of War franchise to non-Microsoft platforms, Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski has said.

Gears of War has remained exclusive to Xbox 360 and Windows, and this looks likely to continue.

"It's technically capable [to release Gears on another platform], but we have a good deal with Microsoft, so that's the home of Gears for the foreseeable future," he said in a VGA press conference following the reveal of Fortnite.

"Business is business man. We could speculate about anything. What if streaming online services decided they wanted to make a great deal with us? Then Gears would be a streaming game. But as of right now, Microsoft's been an amazing partner for us."

And it certainly sounds like Bleszinski wishes to return to the Gears of War franchise.

"In the future, who knows?" said Bleszinski. "We could be faced with the console transition at some point. We would certainly love to make more experiences in the Gears universe. If we get around to it, I want to make sure we switch it up sufficiently so it still feels like Gears DNA, but it feels fresh and new."

Bleszinski also holds Unreal close to his heart and would love to return to the franchise.

"I will tell you right now, if you could magically double Epic's team temporarily and just build another game like that I would love to do it," he said.

"I've had all sorts of crazy ideas. I think it would be amazing to reboot the original Unreal with a Fallout/Skyrim vibe, where it's more about exploration than it is about action, and more RPG elements.

"But we're a slave to our success with games like Gears and Infinity Blade. Thankfully we're able to craft a new IP with something like Fortnite right now."

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Taizuke's Avatar

Taizuke@ munkee

Posted 00:25 on 15 December 2011
Taizuke's Avatar


No brainer. Same way Uncharted is with Sony. Every console needs to at least have one major exclusive.
Posted 00:24 on 15 December 2011
munkee's Avatar


I'm a PS3 fan and I would like to see the Gears games on the console. But, I also like to see consoles having exclusives. It keeps the fans excited and keeps the competition flowing. Its another reason to have allegiance to your brand. Extreme fanboys are fools. But, a little 'my dads better than your dad' is healthy. It shows users dedication and passion for the subject.

Gears is undoubtedly an Xbox franchise.
Posted 15:42 on 13 December 2011
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@ghostdog25 - or he got questioned? I haven't watched the video, but Cliff does speak sense here. He clearly shows that he isn't just a developer but also business, and business is what is needed into today's gaming adventures to succeed.
Posted 07:10 on 13 December 2011
ghostdog25's Avatar


I don't understand why Cliff keeps saying this. Its not like PS3 fans care or want this game on the platform.
Posted 20:21 on 12 December 2011

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