The E308 award of old skool arcade action

Winner - Street Fighter 4, Xbox 360, PS3, Arcade. Capcom.

I'm 13 again. It's the early nineties. My pockets are filled with coins. My palms are sweaty and my left wrist aches (not because of that). But I'm soldiering on because Street Fighter 4 has rekindled in me a fighting game fire that hasn't burned this brightly in over a decade. If you played Street Fighter 2 back in the day (who didn't?) and loved it, then Street Fighter 4 is guaranteed to please. If you didn't, it's still guaranteed to please. One of my highlights of E3 2008 was sitting next to SF legend Seth Killian and have him take me through the new characters one by one, and their new moves. You can see it all for yourself in these exclusive videos. Absolutely thrilling.

Runners up - SoulCalibur IV, Geometry Wars 2

The E308 award of ultimate Edge (James 'Edge' Orry)

Winner - Prince of Persia, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Ubisoft.

Some people have that little soemthing that separates them from the rest of the population. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is, but it's there. One such greater being is our very own News Editor, James 'Edge' Orry, and we thought a man of this stature shouldn't just contribute to the E3 Awards, but actually have his own award. For the Edge there's only one game that stood out, head and shoulders above the rest... and that's Ubisoft's gorgeous looking Prince of Persia. We're still to see just how revolutionary AI companion Elika will turn out, but man this game looks good.

Runners up - Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Resident Evil 5

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there is hardly anything original that doesnt look sh*t, except for dead space and lbp. only sequels seem to qualify. i suggest you look up goatse it has great reviews
Posted 02:02 on 01 December 2008
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Whoever wrote this definitely sways towards the xbox over ps3. Alot more xbox mentioned and everyone with eyes knows killzone 2 looks better than gears 2 which has similar graphics to gears 1 which WAS outdone graphically by mgs4 uncharted and crysis. Not being a fanboy just saying if you dont know whats going on the industry its articles like these you shouldnt read. Everyone has an oppinion even editors and this kind of stuff can be very misleading. Also wipeout hd and superstardust are better than geometry wars 2. Played them all a lot trust me
Posted 00:33 on 30 September 2008
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Thats a good question dave, what happened to prototype. it seems as though the game has been put on stop or summit, weird stuff
Posted 20:18 on 02 August 2008
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top ten games of e3 08
8.fable 2
7.resistance 2
6.far cry 2
5.little big planet
4.prince of persie
3.res 5
2.gears of war 2
1. mirrors edge

and one more thing why wasent prototype at e3 08
Posted 08:13 on 31 July 2008
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I hear ya Wido but if the game wasn't good this year then it completely and totally SUCKED. there were pretty much just sequals this year and no new good games
Posted 21:31 on 30 July 2008
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E3 this year appeal to me alot, with the likes of Gears 2, Fable 2, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 plus Resi Evil 5 and Fallout 3. And the list does continue with Final Fantasy 13, and that short little video square enix let us see 'The Last Remnant' which looked brillant. Last but not least the God Of War 3 teaser trailer looking forward to that, and of course Little Big Planet.
Posted 20:13 on 30 July 2008
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gears of was the best thing at e3 for me,i like and other gow fans have been waiting for real game play,and we got it!
Posted 14:41 on 30 July 2008
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Fanboys exploded in a shower of anger and bile.


I guess the Too Human demo was the best thing out of E3 for me. It was released the day before the conference so I guess it doesn't count.

Therefore, the Final Fantasy XIII announcement gets the 'best kept secret' award, 'best presentation' is probably that "LOTR - Conquest' footage that arrived on the video section today (it looks really fun), 'game most likely to sell no more than 20 copies' goes to "You're in the Movies".

P.S. I thought the Resistance 2 footage showed off better graphics than the Gears 2 footage, but I might be biased in that I just don't get Gears at all having disliked the first one.
Posted 14:21 on 30 July 2008

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