6. God of War 3 CG teaser

For us, God of War is now one of Sony's most important franchises. Although it arrived fairly late on the PlayStation 2 it wowed gamers with its sublime visuals and action packed gameplay. The thought of what Sony's Santa Monica studio can do with Kratos on the PS3 is more than a little exciting. So, we sat through Sony's E3 press conference, knowing too well that any such reveal would be right at the end, and sure enough it arrived. It wasn't really what we wanted though. A brief CG trailer did little more than re-affirm what we already knew: God of War is coming to PS3. As far as we're concerned Sony might as well have not bothered.

5. No Gears of War 2 four-player campaign co-op

Somehow this was sneaked under the radar, but one of our biggest disappointments of E3 2008 was the confirmation that Gears of War 2 won't have four-player campaign co-op, something all Gears fans had been hoping for in the run up to the show. For us, the five-player co-op Horde mode, which sees you and your mates battle increasingly difficult waves of Horde in multiplayer maps, doesn't make up for what would have made Gears 2 a massive step up from the first game. Don't get us wrong, the two player coop game demo shown during Microsoft's conference showed that Gears 2's campaign looks stunning, but we're saddened that one of our great gaming hopes for this year has been dashed. Oh well, there's always Gears of War 3.

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home, really got me pissed off im just losing my interest in playstation home these day's it looked pretty cool when i saw it, if u wanna add me MY PSN IS zakariyaismail pce
Posted 23:57 on 14 October 2008
xboxlive's Avatar


wes i dont think it matter which is would sell more on at the end of the day,its about how good the game is.
by the way i think you have never played the 360 before as the r lots of well loads of games witch r not shooters.
Posted 08:48 on 27 July 2008
Wes's Avatar
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For me it was FFXIII going over to that 'other' system. IMO its just not gonna work. I think it will sell, but not like Square hopes. 360 is all about gay ass shooters. Playstation has always been the home for JRPGS. Theyre gonna be sorely disappointed when FFXIII sells a sh*tload more on PS3.

Posted 00:25 on 27 July 2008
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Yass man

I think the hole gears of war 4 player thing was blown out of proportion. The game has always been essentially about the 2 guys. 2 player if fine it means they can keep the story in line. We know there was 4 in the original campaign but the story really is built for the 2. And about the new Horde mode, I cant wait to see what it is like and to get on with 4 of my friends and have waves of attacks, Sounds fun
Posted 15:41 on 24 July 2008
Iain_McC's Avatar


@J-Man: So, you haven't found the SD-card slot yet?

You can get an 8GB SD card for less than £15 these days, and given just how tiny the Wii's save games are, how much storage do you need, exactly? I've got well over a dozen games on the Wii and I'm not coming close to running short of storage space - and that's with only a 1GB card in addition to the system memory.
Posted 13:41 on 24 July 2008
xboxlive's Avatar


thay should of come up with something that aint been seen before
Posted 07:42 on 24 July 2008
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ xboxlive

From my perspective I was disappointed that Microsoft's answer to the challenge of Sony's Home was a redesign of the 360 Dashboard and the introduction of avatars.

Software is Microsoft's core industry, I was hoping they could come up with something with a little more competitive.
Posted 07:38 on 24 July 2008
xboxlive's Avatar


i didnt find e3 the best this years due to lack of content on xboxlive etc etc
Posted 07:27 on 24 July 2008
John's Avatar
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Despite all the mistakes that Sony did with the PS3, I agree with Kojima when it said that this machine is a Monster! I think that we didn´t see nothing yet! This is just the beginning! Remember the PS2´s llife cycle! :)
Posted 23:06 on 23 July 2008
Peter's Avatar
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J-Man, they don´t care because they sold more than 25 million consoles! That´s why its all quiet!
Posted 23:01 on 23 July 2008
Stinger's Avatar
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I think Nintendo anounced...NOTHING!!! It´s a shame to see that they´ve become the ultimate gym wi-fi console! What about games?????????????????GAMES!!!GAMES!!!VI DEOGAMES!!! DO YOU REMEMBER????
Posted 22:58 on 23 July 2008
Mike's Avatar
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I think Micros**t will be post on sale the new "wiimote" in the sexshops! Girls will be very pleased to use the wireless vibration tecnhology that also includes playing games.
Posted 22:53 on 23 July 2008
chunga-wang's Avatar
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Despite being the self-proclaimed biggest halo fan ever i seemed to miss that whole bungie commotion countdown thing but i can still see how its annoying...
Posted 18:50 on 23 July 2008
J-Man's Avatar
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how about nintendo's lack of a storage solution that the wii is in desperate need of. how long do they think 512mb will last! and they had the nerve to say they were working on something; but now it seems like its all quiet on that front....
Posted 17:36 on 23 July 2008

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