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Frontlines: Fuel of War screenshot
Frontlines: Fuel of War screenshot

THQ has confirmed that Frontlines: Fuel of War, which is released across Europe on Friday, will support multiplayer games of up to 50 players on Xbox 360 - 64 for PC gamers. This makes it the first next-generation console title to offer such a large player count in online games.

The Xbox 360 version will launch with 90 dedicated multiplayer servers across Europe and North America, with one map, Village, offering support for the full 50 players. As more dedicated servers are brought online, additional maps will be opened up for 50-player games.

You can find out more about the game in's Frontlines: Fuel of War review.

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no name

Soralink, I think the 32 is usually mis-reported and means a team max of 32 (64 total) on the pc. 50 on 360 is really impressive. I'll be waiting at least a month till others get on and hopefully new maps will be released sooner rather than later. Keeping fingers crossed for minimal lag.
Posted 04:02 on 09 March 2008
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Finally, something solid...Almost everything I look at changes this number back and forth between 32 and 50.
Posted 18:48 on 05 March 2008
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Good information, and the 360 can support 50 players. Now that's impressive, I'm looking forward for this game I might just walk into my local GAME shop and buy it. Not just because online, but the single player campaign also looks very good. From reading it from their main offical website, its got a firm storyline to it than compared to other FPS games on the 360 or even other platforms.
Posted 19:24 on 27 February 2008

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