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Ubisoft has announced Flashback, an HD re-imagination of the classic 1992 side-scroller due for release on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network this summer.

Five of the original game's creators are back on board for the modern update, which is being totally rebuilt using Unreal Engine 3 and retells the story of Conrad, an agent attempting to prevent an extra-terrestrial invasion.

According to developer Vector Cell (which developed last year's abysmal survival horror Amy), the remake "remain(s) faithful to the spirit of the original game," but has been designed to "take full advantage of the computing power of today's machines".

"The story is true to the original scenario, and all the characters and their enemies from the first game are all back," explains the developer. "It has been beefed up and modernized though. Some characters that were sort of in the background in the first version were developed and have taken on more importance. We also went back and took a longer look at some of the blurry spots in the first Flashback and the fans will hopefully discover certain aspects of the world that might have been overlooked."

VectorCell also claims that the gameplay has been made "more reactive and dynamic", with a new experience and upgrade system set to be introduced in the remake. Accessibility has also been "brought up to current standards", Vector Cell says, commenting on the original game's level design as being "rather punishing through today's lenses".

"All in all, though, we're extremely happy with the result," VectorCell says. "We feel we were able to keep Flashback's soul and put it into a new body."

A price or exact release date for the game has yet to be announced.

Source: Ubisoft Flashback press release/Q&A

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altaranga's Avatar


Loved the original.
Posted 08:49 on 12 April 2013


Wow! Unexpected......... not sure what to think.

Such a big fan of the original that this inevitably sets alarm bells ringing, but the fact that it's being made by the original team, who sound like they still very much understand what made the game great, gives me enough hope to check it out.

Though munkee's right, a lot of its appeal was the beautiful animation for the time.

Posted 10:23 on 11 April 2013
munkee's Avatar




A lot of the original charm was in it's animated sprites and pixel art graphics. Watching the trailer shows that this is clearly lost. It was a stand out game with incredible visual flair. Now it looks a bit too generic. I think they've taken the incorrect art direction. I genuinely mean that.

Click for Image
^Check out Conrad. He's got some stonewash jeans and a puffy, brown leather jacket. He's 80's to the very core. He also looks like an agent.
Click for Image
..and look at his hair. It's floppy on top with shaved-up sides.

Conrad is a product of his era. Conrad is Rick Deckard (Bladerunner). Now, in this new trailer, he just looks like an average Joe America. He's become Nathan Drake!

Then, there's the overall feel of the new graphics. Again, they seem to have become generic, unreal engine graphics. Sure, they look like 3D renders of the original levels. But, that's not good enough. The game was stylish as hell and now it's not. It appears completely charmless.

There are so many styles and techniques available, but they've settled for generic with lots of lighting effects. They should have put me in charge of art direction :P

Rant over.

I hope they make the cops that melt into the floor a little easier. They were bastards.
Posted 09:58 on 11 April 2013
dazzadavie's Avatar


***** yeah!
Posted 09:23 on 11 April 2013

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