Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Xbox 360

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Final Fantasy XIII-2

A brand-new story which stems from the previous title as well as a battle system which has evolved further since XIII. Score:


Our Verdict: Final Fantasy XIII-2 is not a watershed for the genre, nor is it a return to the franchise's glory days.

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Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event to be held at Royal Albert Hall

Square Enix Members can enter a prize draw to win pairs of tickets.

Publish date Oct 8 2012

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII confirmed as new action spin-off

Billed as the concluding chapter to the story of Lightning, the new game gives players direct control over the iconic heroine in a "constantly moving, expansive environment" in a quest to save a doomed world from complete destruction.

1 Publish date Sep 3 2012

Square teases Lightning spin-off

The Final Fantasy XIII team will present a "new direction" for Final Fantasy XIII character Lightning on September 1, Square Enix has announced.

Publish date Aug 22 2012

Final Fantasy III HD to be an OUYA launch title

A brand new HD version of Final Fantasy III will be an OUYA launch title, the console's makers have revealed.

5 Publish date Jul 31 2012

Final Fantasy Versus XIII isn't dead, says Yoichi Wada

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has publicly denied the growing rumours that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been cancelled.

1 Publish date Jul 24 2012

Square Enix teases the future of the Final Fantasy XIII universe

Part of its plans for a three-day Final Fantasy event in Shibuya starting August 31 to mark the series' 25th anniversary.

Publish date Jul 20 2012

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Massive Final Fantasy sale launches on PlayStation Store in Article Comments

Endless's Avatar

War of Lions is pretty darn good, but it does feel a bit soul less compared to the original tactics.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII confirmed as new action spin-off in Article Comments

FantasyMeister's Avatar

I don't like the way they're taking the whole franchise. You used to get one game and it stood on its own merits. Now you get sequels and spin-offs and DLC when all I really want is to remember...

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