FIFA 13 screenshot
FIFA 13 screenshot

FIFA 13 has been added to GAME's 99p trade-in promotion, meaning gamers across the UK can secure a copy of the latest football title for pennies on Friday.

In order to get your copy for 99p you'll need to trade in any two of the games listed below. The offer runs until October 12.

  • The Amazing Spiderman (Xbox 360)
  • Dragon's Dogma (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Xbox 360)
  • Max Payne 3 (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • New Super Mario Bros (Wii)
  • Pokemon Black Or White (DS)
  • Prototype 2 (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Tiger Woods PGA 13 (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Lollipop Chainsaw (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Witcher 2 (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Sniper Elite V2 (Xbox 360 & PS3)

Remember that PES 2013 is also in the same promotion, but only until October 5. Resident Evil 6 is also taking part from October 2 until October 16.

FIFA 13 turned out to be rather good – read our review to find out why.

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User Comments

87Sarah's Avatar


Don't think I could part with my beloved Skyrim even if I rarely play it these days.
Posted 22:55 on 26 September 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ pblive

Prototype 2 main game on hard (no side missions though) took me 3 hours to do, you can do that easilly fella. Max Payne will take you ages as you can't skip the cut scenes.

Bidded for Spiderman on ebay now, so I'm hoping it's short and then trade it in for RE6 or F12012 at least with The Witcher 2 and 99p.
Posted 17:03 on 25 September 2012


Spider-man isn't bad, though there are niggles, but certainly worth a playthrough. Story must be short because even I managed to complete it ;)

I've got Max Payne 3 (won) and Prototype 2 (on your recommendation, Beven), but the problem is that I won't play through them before 12th comes around.
Posted 13:29 on 25 September 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


I really wish I held onto Prototype 2 now as I traded it in for 9 quid and didn't expect it in these deals as the retailers seemed to me that they were desperate to get rid of it.
If there is a similar offer for Dishoured/AC3 I might buy one of the listed games and then trade it in with The Witcher 2 for Dishoured/AC 3.

Thinking about it, how much is the new Spiderman game now? as that's short and suppose to be alright.
Posted 12:13 on 25 September 2012


Actually, that's not too bad a deal.
Posted 12:05 on 25 September 2012

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