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A number of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players have reported an issue relating to their trade pile, specifically player auctions not expiring when intended.

Earlier this week stewpott17 posted on EA's Answer HQ website: "I've got a number of players up for auction which expired last night, however it says they're still up for sale even though the time limit ran out hours ago, it's the same on the web app aswell but it says 'Completing'. Does anyone have the same problem or an answer on how to fix it?"

leicityboy adds: "Every player I win in auction disappears from my watch list and I still get charged. Please sort it out!"

It's a problem shared by many other FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players, and they want it fixed asap.

EA has addressed the issue: We are aware of an issue involving FUT Auctioned/Trade players getting stuck and our FIFA team is investigating this bug. A fix will be applied as soon as possible.

"Be sure to check your Watch List, Trade Pile, and Club - your player may be there. If you cannot find your player in your Watch List, Trade Pile, or Club, please contact us to reach one of our FIFA advisors for assistance."

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused while our team resolves this issue. Thank you for your continued patience!

FIFA 13 launches across the UK today. If you're looking to pick up a copy, check out our FIFA 13 price round-up for the best deals available on the high street.

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JustinLoza123's Avatar


By the way i am on ps3
Posted 03:24 on 10 December 2012
JustinLoza123's Avatar


Actually Andyp the same thing just happened to me but with higher priced players i bought two inform samuels one for 105k and one for 115k and one of them has dissapeared from my watchlist and i dont have the coins for him which means i did not get outbid but the other one is still there and they both said completing and froze right there. But to make matters worse i have an inform reus that i payed 280k for and i was trying to sell him for 310k and his auction ended and nobody has bought him but it just says completing on the completing screen. This isn't the first time this has happened and it's really aggravating me does anyone know what i should do and i even havr pictures in case i need proof or something
Posted 03:22 on 10 December 2012
Andyp's Avatar


Sorry to go over old ground, this has happened today with a a roughly 30 thousand coin player. How do I get either the player or the coins back
Posted 03:50 on 04 December 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


The official EA forum is probably your best bet to get answers to trade pile questions, the specific thread is 127 pages long.
Posted 02:53 on 09 November 2012
arnar302's Avatar


Hi there, I seem to be having the same problem.. I bought a load of contracts and finished my coins on them.. now I cant access them because it says its still active alot of my players are out of contracts so I cant play until this is fixed.. I really need to fix this asap.. any tips?

my acc name is arnar302

btw Im running this on PS3..
Posted 02:47 on 09 November 2012
neymarkidd's Avatar


i am having a problem where i bout a player and i cant get him i checked trade pile watchlist club and he is not there how do i fix it
Posted 01:07 on 09 November 2012
KingOfThePies's Avatar


I had the same problem i just fixed it
Posted 09:32 on 05 November 2012
KingOfThePies's Avatar


He would need to get in your account to fix things
Posted 09:32 on 05 November 2012
ricky_antonio's Avatar


hello i am writing to tell you that i bought a player on ultimate team who i bought for over 30grand and he has disappearead from my trade pile and i cant get him back,can u please sort this out here is my gamertag for xbox LvD M4FFIIA
Posted 23:15 on 03 November 2012

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