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fear 3 -

According to a scan of a Spanish magazine, its next issue will feature the first info on FEAR 3 - or F3AR as the logo indicates.

The teaser artwork features creepy psychic girl/woman Alma, a guy with long hair and a gun, and a guy who appears to have a bullet hole in his head. The trio are featured above a city on fire with a foetus floating above - perhaps some kind of re-birth storyline.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment published the Monolith developed FEAR 2 back in February 2009.

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Tbh I didn't like FEAR, normatter how much I wanted to.
Posted 16:26 on 24 March 2010
dudester's Avatar


I like fear but fear 2 while improved graphics etc didnt recreate the atmosphere of the 1st game.

If they manage to get right this time tho could be amazing.
Posted 11:02 on 24 March 2010

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