Fallout 3 screenshot
Fallout 3 screenshot

Fallout 3, Bethesda's eagerly-awaited post-apocalyptic RPG, has been leaked onto file-sharing sites less than 24 hours after going gold. Impatient gamers have rushed to download the ripped Xbox 360 version, with one site claiming that over 800 people are now sharing a complete set of files.

It doesn't stop there. One cocky gamer has even gone so far as to post a live streaming video of their first experiences with the game. Presumably they don't have a problem with advertising the fact that they're breaking the law.

We have contacted Bethesda, but so far they've declined to comment on the situation. While we're sure they're not too happy about the leak, they can at least take heart from the positive response most people seem to be giving the game. Early reactions to Fallout 3 have included, "Sweeeeet!" "Yay!" and "I want to **** this game so hard!"

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You don't just click play for pirated games on PC's, you need to have at least a little knowledge of files, mounting, where to go to get them in the first place etc. Its good to finally see a 360 game pirated as opposed to PC always taking the blame for the spread of Piracy.

Modding your 360 and to buy dual layer discs, well theres hundreds of online retailers who sell them.

Oh and by the way so y'all know, Im not saying Piracy is good at all.
Posted 13:02 on 10 October 2008
Baggins_oz's Avatar
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I think that Bethesda made a mistake by not producing a demo. I know I would feel a lot happier spending a chunk of cash on a game if I had a chance to play it first. They have produced a lot of promo materia, but watching a video of someone else playing fragments of a game just doesn't cut it.
So in this case I'd probably head down the "I'll download it and try it...if it is as good as the hype I'll buy it" path.
Posted 06:16 on 10 October 2008
i lu\/ s@b00's Avatar
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i lu\/ s@b00

FR33 SAB00!!!111!
Posted 05:50 on 10 October 2008
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dreamhunk@ TeDro

Originally Posted by TeDro
To play a pirated game on an Xbox, you must void your warranty, install hacked firmware, and buy dual layer disks. To pirate a game on the PC, you click Play.
how would you know that? you must be a pirate! oh wait there is no pirates on console!!! they must all be on the pc!
Posted 05:07 on 10 October 2008
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To play a pirated game on an Xbox, you must void your warranty, install hacked firmware, and buy dual layer disks. To pirate a game on the PC, you click Play.
Posted 04:42 on 10 October 2008
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Only PC games get pirated thats why devs are releasing after the consoles because people would just pirate the PC version and not buy the game. Would love to hear CliffyB say that now.
Posted 03:49 on 10 October 2008
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RecoN steam dont stop people from copying games you can download any steam game and play them with out steam. They will never stop it becouse someone will always find away around it but i think they should of released fallout 3 after its done not keep people waiting when its already made this wouldnt of happoned with fallout 3 then. I think game companys make to much money to tell the truth they should lower the prices so people would want to buy it more then download them they do rip people off chargeing 40 to 50 pounds a game when they could charge like 20 pounds and still cover the costs of the game being made and make a profite.
Posted 23:04 on 09 October 2008
RecoN's Avatar


I have to admit i downloaded 2 games before i bought them, but i made sure i bought them as my mind was already 85% made up on getting it, but theres people out there that just purely abuse it and make a living out of it.
Posted 20:35 on 09 October 2008
Lulzbat's Avatar
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Inbefore Bethesda announces that console gaming is dieing because of piracy.
Posted 19:03 on 09 October 2008
Stealth's Avatar
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Hi im with dudester on his comment i download some games before there out and if there good i buy the real copy but i know alot dont do that...
Posted 17:28 on 09 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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thing is look at the blame pc gamers get it's only on the pc
Posted 16:23 on 09 October 2008
dudester's Avatar


One thing I will say yes pirating does cost industry money thats undoubted but some will people will play and illegal copy and then actually and purchase the game because they deem it worthy of buying. While I'm not condoning it all but it does also generate some sales for companies.
Posted 15:45 on 09 October 2008
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If the developers didn't expect their game to be pirated, they're clearly living with their head in the sand. Nearly all games get pirated eventually, and harsher DRM doesn't make any difference (not that Fallout 3 uses much, Bethesda are good that way). It'd be nice if everyone who really playd the game paid for a copy, but that sadly just isn't how it works these days. All you can do is hope people are moral.

On the other hand, this game was clearly leaked from someone within a production / review process, and at the point the publisher really has to look at themselves. What's the point in forcing every gamer to register their copy and jump through DRM hoops when you can't stop a game beign pirated even if it's still solely under your control?
Posted 15:41 on 09 October 2008
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I find it considerably amusing how console fans often cite piracy to be the reason the PC doesn't get many games yet when news of this broke out, almost every xbox owner on the forums were scammering to grab this leak.
Posted 15:26 on 09 October 2008
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British guy nicknamed TheGRiM leaked it for "private" torrent tracker named Torrentleech. Really bad news. I hope there will be some consequences!
Posted 12:58 on 09 October 2008

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