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Fable: The Journey screenshot
Fable: The Journey screenshot

Has Peter Molyneux finally taken things too far? That seems to be the view of some people out here in Los Angeles. Initial reactions to Fable: The Journey at Microsoft's presser ranged from confusion to derision to something bordering on enmity. A horse-and-carriage Kinect game? An on-rails Fable? What the hell was he thinking?!

Despite being a big fan of the man – and, if I'm honest, something of a Molyneux apologist - I was prepared for the worst when I went along to check the game out. To my surprise, however, my feelings have now changed. I can't say concerns have been entirely dispelled, but I'm certainly intrigued by the project, and rather eager to try it out for myself; unfortunately this first showing was a hands-off demonstration.

Fable: The Journey essentially dumps you in the driver's seat of a horse-drawn wagon and then tasks you with travelling 300 miles to The Spire – that big pointy building of Fable II notoriety. In the back of your virtual carriage is Theresa, the blind seer and series narrator, voiced by Zoe Wanamaker. Lady T is in a bad way, and she needs to get to the tower ASAP – but if that's not enough of a motive for haste, you're also being chased by The Corruption, the evil Marmite-type stuff from Fable III.

Enough plot gubbins, already. In practical terms there are two styles of gameplay here: riding sequences, in which you drive your nag across Albion, and combat bits, in which you blast people with magical attacks.

In the former, you guide your vehicle with simple, steady stretching gestures, in a simplified approximation of what you'd be doing with actual reins. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly taxing here, movement wise – just steering, and a 'giddyup' motion to go faster. The meat of the gameplay seems to stem from the tension between the desire to stop and pick up important items or explore diversions, and the ongoing need to press on.

Dawdling too much will allow The Corruption to close in on you, demanding that you flee at speed over what might be rather hazardous terrain; Molyneux wouldn't explicitly state whether or not the player can die, but it's certainly possible to plough over the edge of a cliff, from the sounds of things.

At the same time, it will be important to power yourself up by pausing to collect crystals and other items along the way, as these are essential for powering up your magic attacks. At one point in the demo the player passed the entrance to a mine, and apparently you'll be able to stop and go in, with the inside unravelling as a self-contained dungeon or instance.

Pressing Molyneux to explain the overall structure of the game yielded typically mysterious (read: vague) results. In short he's saying that everyone will pass through the same major events, but the nature of the journey will vary from player to player - and there will be branching points, possibly tied in to the actions you take at specific moments.

I'm taking all this to mean that it'll be like Outrun. With a horse.

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Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ FantasyMeister

^ I doubt it FM, from the sounds of the game - I have no doubt it *could* be done with a standard controller, if Lionhead weren't so eager about putting something out for Kinnect. It would have been a nice option, though, as I too would have bought it.
Posted 08:17 on 08 June 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Probably a silly question, but can The Journey be played with a standard joypad if you don't have (or don't want to have) Kinect?

One of the joys of RPGs is that you can usually take your sweet time for diversions and leave the game running whilst going to make a cup of tea, is The Corruption amenable to this style of play? Or is it relentless?
Posted 07:28 on 08 June 2011

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