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Fable: The Journey screenshot
Fable: The Journey screenshot

At least the combat side of the show seems a little more straightforward. Each of your hands controls a separate circular reticule, and can be independently used to lob balls of magic at your foes. Sweep the two magic blobs together, and you'll blend them into a potent fireball. By making a cycling motion with both hands - like one of those crap 80's dances - you'll open a spellcrafting menu, which then allows you to build more complicated magical attacks. From the looks of things, these will include established Fable favourites, like enchanted blades and time manipulation.

But it doesn't end there. If you come to a high cliff and fancy a look at the scenery ahead, you'll also be able to make a telescope. You'll also be able to make hammers and fishing rods, and God knows what else.

At one point we're told that the player will need to drain energy from wild animals in order to survive. Drain a bit and the creature will fall asleep; drain more, and you'll kill them. It's all slightly bewildering, but Molyneux's own demo did a vastly better job of selling the experience than the brief showing at Microsoft's conference.

Needless to say, there was a near constant stream of verbal dynamite from the man himself. "We've got great horse sweat technology!" he grins. "I'm all for horse bodily functions!" And then later, in reference to the animal-draining: "Fluffy squirrels need to die!"

We've all learned to take this showmanship with a bucketful of salt, but here in the presence of the man himself, it's virtually impossible to resist Molyneux's effortless charm. And to be honest, I find myself liking a lot of the design choices. Fable: The Journey has been built so that you can play it sitting down, are there'll be none of the leaping about that seems so popular with Kinect devs. The magic combat looks very simple, but it also looks to have a tactile quality that's immediately appealing.

Lord knows how it'll all turn out. Fable's history is as littered with as many things that didn't work (or didn't show up at all) as it is with things that were genuinely interesting. But despite everything that's come before - or perhaps because of it - Fable: The Journey has totally snagged my curiosity.

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Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ FantasyMeister

^ I doubt it FM, from the sounds of the game - I have no doubt it *could* be done with a standard controller, if Lionhead weren't so eager about putting something out for Kinnect. It would have been a nice option, though, as I too would have bought it.
Posted 08:17 on 08 June 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Probably a silly question, but can The Journey be played with a standard joypad if you don't have (or don't want to have) Kinect?

One of the joys of RPGs is that you can usually take your sweet time for diversions and leave the game running whilst going to make a cup of tea, is The Corruption amenable to this style of play? Or is it relentless?
Posted 07:28 on 08 June 2011

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