Fable: The Journey screenshot
Fable: The Journey screenshot

The seated Kinect gameplay offered by Lionhead's Fable: The Journey is much more advanced than that found in last year's Forza 4 and The Gunstringer, creative director Gary Carr told Polygon.

Using "generic technology" originating from the Molyneux's Milo project, the seated skeletal tracking system could well be the biggest breakthrough in motion tracked gameplay since Kinect first launched.

"With Forza you had to sit slightly on the edge of your seat. But they were a year ago, so we've got an extra year on that," explained Carr. "In Journey you can slouch. It doesn't worry that you have your coffee table over there, you don't have to clear space. That was an important step change: people don't have to re-jig their living space. When you look at houses here in Guildford, England or in Japan where the living spaces are tiny, you need to offer the ability to sit down, which is a concept that came from Milo."

He continued: "I think that with Kinect there are going to be some step changes that will make the games come through. And one of those things is seated gameplay.

"I think a lot of developers were just waiting for that kind of technology. It's easier for us to develop it because we're first party, we've got Microsoft supporting us. It's not fair on third parties to write this kind of technology. It takes time and it's probably taken us the best part of two and a half years to write it.

"Now I think once this is released back to the industry, we'll just see lots of long-play games where you can sit down and play."

Fable: The Journey will be released September 4.

VideoGamer.com Analysis

As a departure from the Fable formula, The Journey certainly has its critics, but if seated Kinect gameplay can be integrated without issue it could usher in a new era of Kinect-assisted gaming from the comfort of a sofa – a prospect much more appealing to the hardcore gamer.

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My first thought was; is Kinect that bad that it took that long to program for? I bet that if MS had kept the level of processing originally designed for Kinect prior to release, it would have handled everything that much easier, been more accurate and faster to code for.

As it is, I do use my Kinect for dance games, Happy Action Theatre and a few other Kinect games I have. Kinect Sports is still good fun too. But it does feel limited, more so than Wii or Move (though Sony's 'wand' is still criminally underused and under-rated).
Posted 08:45 on 30 May 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


I used to love the Fable series, but since Fable 3 I've moved on in my tastes and Fable has taken quite a few steps backwards (my opinion). Fable 3 really disappointed me in it's openning first hour of play and took away quite a few of the mechanics I loved in Fable 2. The recent Xbox arcade game and Fable: The Journey seems to be aiming for a much younger audience these days.
Posted 08:26 on 30 May 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


I for one am looking forward to checking the game out - have my preorder in. Much like Sorcery appears to be a hit with fans (moreso than reviewers), I think The Journey could strike a good balance of innovation and fun gameplay. Either way, it is the story I am looking forward to most...
Posted 18:48 on 29 May 2012
squidman's Avatar


Gary Carr should really have worked on the Forza technology.
Posted 18:45 on 29 May 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


It's bad enough expecting core gamers to move at all when gaming, but asking us to sit up as well? That's a bridge too far. It does baffle me what the 18 million shipped Kinects are being used for though, I'm guessing 17 million of them are stored next to Wii Fit boards.
Posted 18:43 on 29 May 2012

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