Fable II is one of the best games we've played this year and rightly sits highly in the Xbox 360 hall of fame. It lets you be the hero you want to be, performing good or bad deeds, specialise in certain areas of combat and start a family. Choices in a video game have never been so important, but being the ungrateful lot that we are, we're already licking our lips in anticipation of the inevitable Fable III. Desperate for it to be the greatest game ever made (and score a perfect 10 review) we knocked our morally ambiguous heads together and came up with our Top 10: Ideas that will make Fable III a masterpiece.

10. Combat

Combat in Fable II is split between weapons (melee and ranged) and magic. Neither requires much skill. We know Lionhead wanted to create a game that everyone could play, but a steeper challenge and a more complex combat system would go down very nicely in Fable III. It's not essential, and we'd probably settle for a much improved targeting system, but something between the button-mashing combat of Fable II and the complexities of Ninja Gaiden would be brilliant. Some improvements to the magic casting system would also be welcome as the way you organise your spells in Falbe II is a little clunky - not being able to instantly access your most powerful spells did get a little irritating.

9. No loading

This is something we got used to in Fable II, but the loading screens are annoyingly long and too frequent. In Fable II when you walk to the edge of an area you're then teleported to a new area and told how long it would have taken if you were to do the job on foot, which isn't an option. They're basically separate levels - there's no open world walking here, and there's no sense that you've actually travelled there. One area might well look completely different to the next, but you don't get to see how the landscape and environment gradually changes. We're incredibly picky, so we still want the incredibly useful quick travelling, but being able to freely wander about without a loading screen popping up would give Fable III a grander sense of scale. Basically, we want places to be linked by real land we can actually travel through.

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fablebrain55's Avatar

fablebrain55@ FantasyMeister

i recently thought about the possibility of your charcter using time control to slow down time, and like the melee counter attacks you can catch the bullet and that will frighten the shooter and immobilize them temporarily or cause them to run.
Posted 02:01 on 10 September 2010
readthis's Avatar


This absolutely has to be done for me and a group of friends to buy this game, because we all agreed and think anyone else will. The magic in fable 2, when your on a slope of a hill for example, and you use the area of effect version of the spell, it shoots out of you flat from your feet, like your standing on even ground; it even floats out and over the air and looks cheap. I saw a fable 3 trailer and the magic still does that, come on guys really? is it that hard to finally make 3d magic that looks like masses of clouds or something, anything over flat paper thin magic. There's a lot of ideas I'd like to say, but then I'd just be another guy ranting on how bad the previous ones were. I loved fable one and two, if the leveling is taken out an turned into more of an expression game like I've heard, that sucks; I hate coming across nerds blogs online on how in love they are with their in game family or some crap, I think those ten ideas were really awesome, if those and what I said about the magic are added, then we've got a game I'm willing to pay 60 dollars for. I know the creator doesn't want help with ideas, but if he just listens to the small key ones that they seem to be over looking, well I don't have to say it, anyways can't wait for this game, hope it's not a let down.
Posted 21:48 on 19 May 2010
cjmate8's Avatar


My suggestions for Fable3:

1. Shed some light on teresa and where shes been between fable 1 and 2...and fable 2 to 3 for that matter.
2. I know people want it badly but i wouldnt bother with making all kinds of different pets because theyll only be minor joys. For example in fable2 the dog was your companion not just a compass or alarm. Some people may have refused the 1,000,000 for the dog even if it couldnt do anything but wag its tail.
3. Friends- Not gonna go into much detail with this one...doesnt even have to follow you around. It can be like ezio and leonardos relationship from assasin creeds 2.
4. A REAL FINAL BOSS- This is just about the only thing that made me pissed off at fable2. A good rpg needs an epic fight or 2, not an old man who gets on hit off a cliff. Though i must admit reaver killing him was hilarious.
5. More family extensions- having a family was really cool in fable 2 and it gave point to having relationships. The depressing part is that you can only have like 3 and they stay 5 years old forever. Another sad point is if you give your family stuff its gone and you dont see it again. Perhaps if you could see your son hold his new toy sword it would be better?
6. No mounts- I hate myself for saying it but mounts ruin a games details. If you get a mount youll miss a lot of the small things that make the game great. However if its like assasins creed 2 style im all for it.
7. Ability to change someones likes/dislikes after strenuous work
8. Ability to fix doors and windows.
9. Castle-(You should totally copy Battlehorn Castle from Oblivion)
10. Fullscale battles- I heard the plot of fable 3 is taking charge of a kingdom, kingdoms need a war or 2 and some troops.
11. Consider fable 1s magic style, i prefered it a lot over fable 2s
12. Last but not least the art of fighting- The game is pretty easy and you have to suck to die in it, it should be more of a challenge. A lot of times i found myself just hitting randomly with a giant hammer.
Posted 01:50 on 19 March 2010
thedorritoman's Avatar


just adding maybe the shield could go on back sword and knife at side and then you can temporarily pick up weapons you took from guards or whatever
Posted 23:01 on 24 January 2010
thedorritoman's Avatar


I agree with the whole open spaces and mounts, sounds good. Also a minimap in game like the first sounds like a good idea. I'm also thinking maybe move the sword from the back to the side similar to assasins creed and being able to carry a variety of weapons like a knife sword and a spear maybe. definetly more variety and also take weapons from guards and say throw the spear. I'm not realy sure im just thinking being able to intaract and use evrything.
Posted 22:59 on 24 January 2010
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ deadsquirrel

Originally Posted by deadsquirrel
and i also have read alot that more weapons should be available like shileds

Awesome! I always wanted to try a Shiled!
Posted 09:24 on 28 September 2009
deadsquirrel's Avatar


hey guys good ideas but u need to keep in mind the people who made fable 1-2 are not the boss's of lionhead so they cant spend years on fable 3 they have a deadline so thats y its short. and i also have read alot that more weapons should be available like shileds, armour spears and bows but f2 is 500yrs in front of f1 so f3 cant just jump back 400 so yrs to bring back bows and spears and also there is armour in knothole expansion but once again it is 500 yrs after f1 so bows and armour became obselite when guns were introduced and for who ever said it might come out in 2010 i know alot off guys in the game industry and they said it takes a long time to make gaames like 3-4 yrs depending on the length of the game so if u guys want so much more stuff in it u have to wait a long time not two years after the launch more like 3-4

oh yer i also read some ideas of multi hero co-op good idea i would like my friends to play along side with me but in f2 u can have another profile playing with u all u have to do is just look up in the corner

any questions just ask and ill be happy to answer
Posted 08:58 on 28 September 2009
archer's Avatar


and one more thing, you should be able to start your own camp site, gypcy if good caracter and bandit if bad andover time by maybe paying a arcitect or something turn it into a town, then a city and then maybe the capital.
Posted 19:31 on 14 July 2009
archer's Avatar


the ten things i think fable 3 needs are:
1) longer story line ( but not longer quests)
2) able go higher on leveling up ( by the time i finished the crucible i usualy already full skills and nearly full strength)
3) the wife or husband able to bring something to the household(having a partner in fable 2 is basicaly a bad investment)
4) making the clothes attractive to some and unattractive to others ( i am sick of putting on the bandit shirt and hearing that i'm ugly even from bandits but putting on a noble coat is aparantly the most beautiful thing to everyone)
5) make the kids able to grow beond toddler
6) you should be able bring back the bow ( don't mean get rid of guns)
7) don't make the clothes into outfits
8) ablity to costomise the look of the wepons
9) the ablity to spend expirence on other stuff( for example loosing waight)
10) chage to good and evil system ( just a suggestion but maybe turn it into 7 sins wrath,envy, greed, sloth, lust, glutony and pride. and 7 veritues patients, kindness, charity, diligents, chastity, restraint and humility with a different physicality per one.)
Posted 19:05 on 14 July 2009
Mikhl's Avatar


You should be able to do a number of extra things in Fable III that you couldn't do in Fable II.

I. Increased decoration choices, other than only furniture. You should be able to choose flooring and wallpaper as well as move the furniture around.

II. You should be able to name a street when you have purchased all of the properties on it.

III. You should be able to modify market stalls when you have purchased them.

IV. Dressing up your family and family pets would be an awesome aspect to the game.

V. There should be a larger array of jobs. You should be able to purchase farms and have to tend to the animals, selling them at the market. Busking would be an awesome job, people throwing money at you for your pure skill on the flute and other instruments.

VI. The crowds that follow you are extremely annoying, especially when they block you in. You should have some crowd control, where you can prevent people from following you or turn them off all together.

VII. Accidently clicking a weapon button in public has some consequences; you should be able to prevent this with another safety switch.
Posted 11:29 on 04 July 2009
randomEMO's Avatar


i know they took this out but i think they should re add the armor but make it more custom so there isn't just one ultimate armor like even though this one has a higher def rateing this one can be upgraded to be lighter or something like that except so many more choices
Posted 09:29 on 03 July 2009
goldenrumble's Avatar


also, you should be able to hang out with friends or something, nobody cares about NPCs in this game
Posted 07:13 on 31 May 2009
goldenrumble's Avatar


They should have banks or something between towns so you don't carry all your stuff with you.
Al so, fable ii was two easy, you couldn't even die, and if you didn't care about how you looked there was no need to buy potions or food.
They should also have it when your child grows up and becomes evil or good, opposite of what you are, and fights you in an epic battle
Posted 07:11 on 31 May 2009
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


OR they can admit defeat and not do another. i have this and i am a big console and pc rpg fan and this bored me even when me and my firend was playin co-op.
Posted 21:09 on 26 May 2009
DONUT2013's Avatar


Thes are all awesome ideas, but i have at least two myslef:

This may or may not happen but I would really like it if instead of a carriage, you could buy a horse and take it anywhere you really needed to go, and like a place to let it rest in all the major towns. Aalso I would like my son(s) and/or daughter(s) grow up (I know that was already said but I am not done yet. Lol) and help me (in Fable II atleast) avenge their aunt! Now, THAT would be pretty cool! Lol But I'm not saying any of your ideas are not, they are!
Posted 21:00 on 26 May 2009

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