F1 2010 screenshot
F1 2010 screenshot

Codemasters will release F1 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on September 23, MCV has revealed.

The game is in development at Codemasters Studios Birmingham and hopes to build on the previous title - the publisher's most successful game to date.

MCV also notes that versions for NGP and 3DS are in development, though release dates are still to be announced.

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clangod's Avatar


I still love F1 2010. It is a great F1 game however there are a lot of lessons Codies need to learn in order to make F1 2011 a hugely successful title. There were (and still are) some key bugs in F1 2010 which have gone unchecked and for the more hardcore F1 fan, spoiled the experience.

Codemasters' response to a lot of the issues were met with criticism by the many members. Ongoing support for F1 2011 would be a start. Instead of one patch for F1 2010 which fixed a few of the issues, but created new problems such as weakened force feedback/ rumble, pit exit bugs, tyre bugs and unfair penalties etc...

So with F1 2010 we were told "that's it" but at least they made note to address all existing issues with F1 2011.

Online is another matter entirely. I read that Shift Unleashed will introduce a type of grading system online whereby players are matched up according to thier actions and performance on track; ie: Rammers are matched with other people who tend to intentionally ram, or others who like to go the wrong way or block the track etc... The inconsistant and mostly innaccurate penalty system is probably the most frustrating aspect online though. That definitely needs an overhaul.

Codemasters may do well to try something similar but the unfortunate inevitability is that they probably won't. Players will continue to ram and ruin races and serious players will suffer through many spoiled laps to find decent lobbies.

The second time around for Codemasters could be a pole position lap. let's hope they don't suffer a puncture this season and get left flailing around mid - pack...
Posted 17:32 on 24 March 2011
mikejosh1978's Avatar


Hopes the online racing sees grid like ghost servers with no crash and bash poon winners and its all then about speed not who has the cleanest lap and has a new mini-game of Mark Webber on a mountain bike where your aim is not to frikkin fall off it lol.
Posted 14:18 on 24 March 2011


OMG im so happy by this, I love 2010 I still play it now. cant wait I love Codemasters right now, with Dirt 3 and this its going to be a great year for these guys (The racing game experts? )
Posted 13:24 on 24 March 2011

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