F1 2010 screenshot
F1 2010 screenshot

Codemasters has said that the first patch for F1 2010 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC is now complete and awaiting approval from Microsoft and Sony.

"The team have been hard at work and as a result we have now completed all internal testing on the patch," explained community manager Ian Webster.

"The patch is now in submission with Microsoft and Sony for all 3 platforms, and once this process has been successfully completed the patch will be released, ready for you to download."

The patch addresses a host of problems, details on which can be found here.

VideoGamer.com Analysis

F1 2010 has come under heavy criticism, with fans reporting various bugs and problems encountered with the game since launch, from supposed "phoney" race AI to corrupted game saves.

The hardcore fans were understandably unhappy and Codemasters is under pressure to deliver with the patch.

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draytone's Avatar


Agreed, was playing last night and was given a 10 second penalty when I was illegally blocked.
Posted 09:53 on 28 October 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ draytone

Quite a bit of it appears to have been warranted to be fair.
Posted 09:38 on 28 October 2010
draytone's Avatar


There was a lot of anger at Codemasters and a lot of finger pointing.
Posted 09:36 on 28 October 2010
clangod's Avatar

clangod@ CANCEROUS

While it certainly is good that they are patching the game, and have been under a lot of pressure to do so, I urge you to read a bit more about exactly what the official spokesperson had to say on behalf of Codemasters and the patch itself Cancerous.

You will learn that Codies haven't exaclty been to to forthcoming in acknowledgeing many of the complaints and legitimate reports of bugs by the Codemasters community. They basically said that we get what we get, and I expect there will still be many unhappy F1 fans out there.

Have a look at the posts on the Codemasters forums if you haven't already done so.
Posted 01:09 on 28 October 2010


That's great I love the fact Codemaster seems to be one of the few companies out there that actually listens to fan feedback. Looking forward to these improvements.
Posted 14:54 on 27 October 2010

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