Eragon screenshot
Eragon screenshot

The Eragon demo can be downloaded by Xbox Live Gold members only, and weighs in at a reasonable 415MB. The game's in development at Stormfront (LOTR The Two Towers & Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone), and is based on the upcoming 20th Century Fox film, which itself is based on the books by Christopher Paolini.

You play as Eragon, a young farm boy who discovers a dragon egg and goes on to become a Dragon Rider. After his parents are killed by the dark forces in the kingdom, Eragon and his dragon Saphira set out to bring peace to the realm.

Eragon is scheduled to arrive later this month for Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, DS and GBA.

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Dagon Rider900@ tim

thats kinda lame "lil pink" but you have a point it was good and i enjoyed playing the friggen demo.....i want more!!!
Posted 01:51 on 21 November 2006
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lil punk@ tim

this is a good game.....i bet neither of you read the books or could read the books.......and its not suppossed to be exactly what you imagined it would be in your tiny brain
Posted 01:49 on 21 November 2006
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Agreed. Played it for 5 mins and deleted it. Even the 360 cant make movie games good :D
Posted 23:21 on 02 November 2006
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it is bad
Posted 23:17 on 02 November 2006

Game Stats

Technical Specs
Release Date: 01/11/2006
Developer: Stormfront Studios
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Genre: Action
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: BBFC 12
Site Rank: 7,294 125
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