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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars screenshot
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars screenshot

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars finally made it to consoles last week. After more than a six month gap between their release and the original PC game we expected to be playing decent ports, but sadly one of the games left us severely disappointed. Quake Wars on the PlayStation 3 simply looks far worse than its Xbox 360 counterpart. Read on for plenty of comparison screen shots.

The main thing to note is the missing layer of graphical effects in the PS3 game. Although far from terrible looking, the PS3 game has a look not too dissimilar to a PC game from a few years ago. On the Xbox 360 more care has been made to bring over the PC game's impressive visuals, and as such this version doesn't look out of place on Microsoft's console.

One obvious difference is how much brighter the PS3 game looks compared to the Xbox 360 version. This appears to be because of the lack of high quality lighting which is present in the Xbox 360 game. It's also worth noting that the PS3 version generally runs at a slower frame rate than the Xbox 360 game, with some terrible slowdown when lots of geometry is on screen.

All screens were captured over HDMI at 720p and you can view a high definition screen shot by clicking on the image.

Go to Page 2 for comparison screens of the Area 22 map.

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...You do know that this is a post from over 5 years ago, right?
Posted 17:31 on 18 December 2013
andrewXward's Avatar


I did notice in these screen shots, the PS3 was missing scenery that the Xbox had in their screen, such as telephone poles and house details. I personally don't think its a huge deal, though it is a known fact that the Xbox can handle better graphics than the PX3, but in the end it depends on the game. Some games have crap graphics and some have great you know. The only time you can compare their graphics is comparing the same game like done here, but in general they are both impressive. I myself prefer the Xbox 360. I also did notice the screens were darker, and honestly I prefer the brighter sky look in regular outdoor scenes, and I like dark skies when the theme or story is right. In the case of these screens, I think it would be better if it had the Xbox graphics with the PS3 brightness. But say if its a game like Fallout, I would prefer the darker atmosphere. Well thats my two cents. Honestly though, who cares? Getting butt hurt about it and insulting each other makes you look like *****ing little kids though.
Posted 16:35 on 18 December 2013
Woffls's Avatar


360 looks better imo. It's supposed to be darker, it looks more atmospheric. This says to me that the lighting is limited in the PS3 version because it doesn't look as full, it looks unatmospheric and empty. I dunno, the 360 version just looks like that's the way it's supposed to look. Heavy smoke clouds, and dark, not clear sunny skies...
Posted 01:40 on 05 July 2008
TrueGamered's Avatar
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i said it before and i'll say it again,the only thing ps3 is good at is showing off its fancy looks.i was never an xbox fan untill i got to play xbox.and today quake proved that xbox is better than the black plastic.
Posted 15:57 on 04 July 2008
tonicdusty's Avatar
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If the brightness and contrast were set closer, it would be easier to compare. I'm also just bored of graphics comparison. The 360 has better graphics because it's triple core processor is much like the common PC has there for everyone knows how to use. The cell processor is only in the PS 3 so there is no real benefit in spending millions learning how it works. Sony made a mistake. They bet on blu-ray and one, but also bet on the cell and lost.
Posted 02:00 on 10 June 2008
Korman's Avatar
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The screenshots speak for themselves, the 360 doesn't look like the real world.
The PS3 does and more like the PC. The other point about the stylistic choice to be dark and gloomy is one thing, but the PS3 just looks better.
Posted 04:16 on 06 June 2008
ghostdog25's Avatar


the ps3 version doesn't have anti assailing.......too many dang jaggies
Posted 23:15 on 05 June 2008
Tahiri's Avatar
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Um, EVERY PS3 screenshot looks better
Posted 20:01 on 05 June 2008
Wido's Avatar


Originally Posted by NAMELESS
dude... your talkn about a sky texture. THat doesnt effect the lighting... thats got nothing to do with caluclating of lighting... ps3 is simply everything super lit... because it cant handle all the detail of the lighting at the same time. Again not to mention things like motion blur and depth of field.... try to make ur comments EDUCATED before u make them.... alls im hearing is ... too dark... whats that got to do with quality and how things are being rendered with the intent of the developer. THe reason ps3 is brighter is it cannot render the same things without losing framerate... so they had to dumb it down... if it could handle the same things... then the game would look just as dark on the ps3.. get the idea?

Oh shut up and look at the rest of the comments, before you open your cyber mouth. Everybody is saying the '360' pictures are dark. I have the game anyway so I don't give a toss, so grow up and get a social life it will do us all a favor. And one thing did I say sky no, the brightness you dumb-ass so read comments before you open your little 12 year-old mouth. So hush-hush head down shut up, and press the red cross in the corner.
Posted 19:32 on 05 June 2008
RecoN's Avatar


Karlius judging by reading other comments u have made, il assume ur a fanboy only because ur pointing fingers at fanboys all the time. No need for it, people are just expressing opinions, why do they have to be labelled fanboys?
Posted 19:29 on 05 June 2008
errp's Avatar
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360 version looks like Bill Gates' turd...
Posted 17:01 on 05 June 2008
Doctor's Avatar
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Im sorry but i dont see the point in these comparisons, the difference is so small that unless your a complete and utter nerd, its not gunna bother you anyway!! When im pumping my big arse shotgun into the head of some noob, im not bothered if the "Lighting" or "edges" are good!! You bunch of ****ing wasters, get a life!!!
Posted 12:14 on 05 June 2008
FRANK's Avatar
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Posted 08:32 on 05 June 2008
Karlius's Avatar


I can't believe there are some people on here that don't understand the concept of mood lighting and for some reason on this game the PS3 has none in this paticular game. Now you PS3 fans can either sit back and deny that there is a problem or do something about it complain to Sony so they don't make the same stupid mistkes they did with this console. The problems in the coding for the PS3 and nothing else. I mean with the spec it should be able to perform much better.

A lot of people think i'm a ms fanbot (lol) I really am not just know that the PS3 was designed by muppets. The original spec given to the release spec to the spec now have all changed drastically. They did this with PS2 also Toy Story Graphics my arse! Maybe soon they'll have a developers dream. Get in contact with Sony and voice your concerns. Maybe next time they'll listen to the developers before producing a console that is stupidly difficult to code for.
Posted 08:08 on 05 June 2008
Syth's Avatar
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First, Both games have horrible graphics, to be quite honest, second PS3 and Xbox are identical texture wise, but at lighting ps3 is undoubably better, why the **** would I want to play a game in the dar? If you think its natural lighting its just some kind of dark filter, check out the sky in the pics, ps3 version looks real xbox doesnt
Posted 08:04 on 05 June 2008

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