EA Sports MMA screenshot
EA Sports MMA screenshot

There's a similar level of user-friendliness in the handling of submissions, too. When performing a Kimura or a similar limb-bending move, an X-Ray-like bone graphic will appear over the affected limb. Both the aggressor and the defender must then repeatedly tap a button in a bid to either complete the move, or to escape it entirely. However, rather than entering into a Track and Field-style mashing competition, the idea is to carefully time your actions. Each muscle-flex eats at your stamina, indicated by an on-screen bar, and completely depleting the bar will have severe consequences for either fighter. Winning is thus a matter of pacing yourself, and allowing your strength to recharge at brief intervals, while maintaining the pressure on your rival.

The choke-based submissions take a similar format, only with both players using the left analogue stick to search for "sweet spots", indicated by pad vibrations, while the camera takes on an iris effect to simulate the victim's departing consciousness. Both contests feel a lot game-ier, for want of a better word, than the equivalent struggles in Undisputed, which require players to rapidly rotate a thumbstick in circles (so much so that veteran players tend to develop circular calluses, ala Mario Party). While the on-screen indicators may hurt the immersion factor somewhat, there's no doubt that this is the more intuitive system.

As a result of the slightly-streamlined approach, and the fact that you don't need to spend so much time worrying about the nuances of your stance, MMA's matches tend to feel a bit faster and more dynamic than their Undisputed counterparts. The thing I like about this sport is that fights can turn around very quickly, segueing from stand-up brawling to high-tension wrestling and back again in the space of a few minutes. This game seems to replicate that feel very well, and it's pleasing to see that the action rarely gets bogged down in trudging, grapple-based stalemates. As you'd expect from a game that uses the Fight Night engine, the interactions between fighters are nigh-on perfect, with a thumping sense of physicality when a blow connects or when someone gets thrown to the floor.

It all looks very bright and colourful too, and as a result of the globe-trotting use of several smaller licenses, rather than one big one, it's more varied on a visual level. Rings come in a wealth of shapes and sizes, from tight circular arenas to full-size boxing rings; one Japanese venue places a giant sun-shaped graphic beneath your prancing feet. It's a shame that the actual movement of the fighters feels a bit floaty, with little sense of solid traction, because in all other areas the animation seems spot-on.

It's also a bit concerning that the PS3 version seems to suffering from a fair bit of slowdown when things get hectic; we can't be too judgemental about a preview build, but given how close the final release is, it's a definite worry. Beyond this, the only real problem facing EA Sports MMA is the relative lack of star power. Existing MMA enthusiasts may well find plenty of familiar faces among the generous line-up of bruisers, but for anyone who walked in the door via UFC, the assembled names may not cause much of a stir. Still, the important thing is that there's marked difference in the way they each play, and since the game isn't bound to a single promoter, there'll be the option to fight under several different rulesets - including 20-minute vale tudo matches.

Will all of this be enough to win over the public? I don't know, as the comparatively low sales of Undisputed 2010 could be interpreted in a number of ways. I certainly had a lot of fun with EA Sports MMA, and judging by the frequent whoops and cheers among the other journalists at this week's event, I wasn't the only one. Come the end of next month, we'll know whether the game has what it takes to be a serious contender.

EA Sports MMA will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 22.

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Karlius's Avatar


Nice Preview Neon. The roster isn't as bad as it could have been or I feared using most current StrikeForce members and a few ex UFC that are out of contract or hold their own likeness contracts. As long as EA do a little work to improve what appears to be slight teething problems and put out a decent demo I'll be tempted.
Posted 23:27 on 09 September 2010
mikejosh1978's Avatar


If the online isn't as bad to connect as ALL EA titles are (Fight Night was a disaster) & the slowdown on the ps3 version is sorted i may invest.
Posted 20:01 on 09 September 2010

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