Dragon's Dogma screenshot
Dragon's Dogma screenshot

Capcom's open-world hit, Dragon's Dogma, will receive a free update on August 6 which introduces an "easy mode" to make the game more accessible to beginners, reports Andriasang.

The new mode will be found in the options menu, with players able to switch difficulty whenever they like.

Currently the easy mode is only confirmed for release in Japan, but we're checking with Capcom Europe regarding the update's western release.

Earlier this week Capcom announced the game had sold 1.05 million copies worldwide, with the bulk coming from Japan.

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wearejimbo's Avatar

wearejimbo@ Endless

Agree absolutely. In fact on New Game + you could do with an option to level up the enemies as most of them with the exception of the Ur Dragon are simple to defeat just by thrashing away at them.
Posted 11:45 on 01 August 2012
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It's only difficult at the beginning. And if I'm honest the easier the game gets the less atmosphere the game has. I've totally lost the dread I had of being outside the city at night, i'm just not worried anymore. Often a single spell is enough to kill any of the mini-bosses and as long as you have a balanced party it just gets easier and easier.

Game doesnt need an easy mode, the difficulty curve just needs adjusting.
Posted 10:19 on 01 August 2012

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