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Doom 3 BFG Edition will be released across Europe on October 19, 2012, Bethesda has announced.

The new release features re-mastered versions of Doom 3 and the Resurrection of Evil add-on pack, as well seven new levels of content entitled The Lost Mission.

The remaster includes 3D support, 5.1 surround sound, Achievements/trophies, improved rendering and lighting, a new checkpoint system, fine-tuned controls, and an armour-mounted flashlight.

Doom 3 BFG Edition will also include the original Doom and Doom 2 games.

For consoles the game will carry a $39.99 price tag in the US, and a quick glance at UK retailers reveals you'll be able to pick up the title for under £25.

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User Comments

Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ munkee

Ah well, no surprise there, Munkee - I typically edit posts within a minute of so of initial reponse (as evidenced in this case).

As for other retailers, Play I find slow (posting from the Channel Islands being the root cause I suspect), and GameStop were (for my two orders with them), delivered the day before release as well.

I suspect Doom 3 BFG Edition will be easily got for £25 through any of these online retailers.
Posted 11:08 on 20 June 2012
munkee's Avatar


Sure, I gave you a TD Clockpunk.

Before your re-edit, you responded to Dav by just saying
"That still isn't release day..."
Which I felt had no substance other than to be pedantic.

Other than that you both raise fair points. The RRP is not inclusive of launch day delivery and needs to be taken into consideration.

But, I also use Amazon more than any other shopping site and in personal experience the 4-5 days has usually been delivered in 1-2.

I did not give Dav the TD.
Posted 10:31 on 20 June 2012
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ Clockpunk

I'm further north than you and I've found only ShopTo can consistently get me a game on release day. I have found Amazon freebie postage to be much improved, I got my dispatch email on the Friday and the game arrives the next day. I'm not the most patient person in the world but I can live with that. But it does seem you don't get that judging by what you said earlier.

I await some more TDs for too much postage chat.
Posted 10:24 on 20 June 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ dav2612

Oh absoultely - and no doubt having a warehouse nearby helps significantly. But Roal mail is shocking in my area, and so I'm wary of those retailers that ship out only on the Thursday, rather than the Wednesday...

TDer - care to post why you have done so and share your experiences of ordering from different online retailers?
Posted 10:19 on 20 June 2012
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ Clockpunk

I was responding to your "4-5 day free" comment...

1 day < 4-5 days.

Edit: interestingly we both get a TD for sharing a postage experiences. Thank you to whoever did that, you have made me smile.
Posted 10:14 on 20 June 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ dav2612

That still isn't release day...

Even Amazon's paid-for postage isn't guaranteed to arrive on time (posted out on Thursday), as my Lollipop Chainsaw's delivery on the following Monday may attest to (despite the extra £2.20 postage...)

For all my criticism and hate, Game at least do typically get a title delivered the day before release. As do ShopTo.
Posted 10:00 on 20 June 2012
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ Clockpunk

I pre-ordered Gravity Rush from Amazon, free postage option as I'm tight, arrived on the Saturday (as in day after release, not the following week!).

Postage seems to have picked up since they opened that whopping warehouse in Dunfermline.
Posted 08:58 on 20 June 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ Bloodstorm

Don't forget you have to pay £2 (plus a few pence) postage on top of that for release date delivery - lest you get stuck with the 4-5 day free 'standard'...
Posted 00:17 on 20 June 2012
Bloodstorm's Avatar


YES!!!!! YES!!!!

By the way, prices are confirmed at £29.99 for console, £19 on PC.

Amazon is offering the console versions for £22.99 though.
Posted 23:57 on 19 June 2012

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