Did you enjoy all of 2011's brilliant games? You did? That's fantastic. Now forget about them all immediately, and start secreting from your hype glands in frothy anticipation for what's coming out in 2012. While there's bound to be some stuff announced later - like the next Call of Duty - here's our picks of upcoming 2012 games we already know about, part two:

Diablo III

Clickclickclick. Clickclickclickclickclick. Click. Clickclickclick. We love Diablo - it's the most moreish combination of clicking and questing we've ever seen, and it's been over a decade since we last saw the series in all its loot-gathering glory. Blizzard has a well-earned reputation for producing nothing but excellent games, and while we're a bit cautious over its new real-money auction house, we can't wait to lose six months of the year crafting the perfect character.

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p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Prey 2 looks amazing; surprised it didn't show up on either of your lists. Dishonored and Tomb Raider looks very intriguing.
Posted 20:10 on 04 January 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


If I ever get myself away from Skyrim I've got quite a few titles I'm really looking forward to. I'm already considering a second playthrough with Skyrim even though I haven't even done 4 quest missions yet.

My most wanted games are probably:

Mass Effect 3
Kingdoms of Amulur: Reckoning
Borderlands 2
Prey 2
Darksiders 2

All five are going to be pretty big time-sinks really. Hopefully, it'll be a cheaper gaming year with these potential beauties.
Posted 14:20 on 04 January 2012
Chaza_snake's Avatar


no prey 2?!
Posted 14:06 on 04 January 2012
Endless's Avatar


Lack of Guild Wars 2, but otherwise some excellent choices to look forward to. I'd also add in Streetfighter X Tekken as well, but you cant list everything! lol
Posted 12:44 on 04 January 2012
tvr77's Avatar


diablo 3 for me and hitman, oh and gta of course, is this list just random or is it a coutdown to the most anticipated at number 1
Posted 11:34 on 04 January 2012
altaranga's Avatar


Now THIS list certainly whets the appetite.

I certainly hope the fruits of Team Ico come to bear this year. I have been looking forward to The Last Guardian for at least 18 months now.
Posted 09:33 on 04 January 2012

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