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Dishonored: Game of the Year Shortlist

Game of the Year Shortlist - Dishonored

Publish date Dec 10 2012

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Gameplay Trailer

Watch the new gameplay trailer for Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, arriving on Xbox LIVE, PSN, and Steam next week.

Publish date Dec 6 2012

Dishonored: Disc Lickers: Episode 3

Corvo the assassin drops in on Matt and Neon. Features Dishonored, Far Cry 3 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Publish date Oct 12 2012

Episode 64

Matt and Martin aren't on this week's show, as they're on a top secret mission to Santa Monica. Lucky sods. But never fear! The rest of us are here to enjoy the Croydon gloom, and to discuss things like that time Dave's dog bit a fish in half.

Publish date Oct 11 2012

Dishonored: Devouring Swarm

Now it's time to use the power Devouring Swarm, which allows you to simply invoke rats to kill an enemy.

Publish date Oct 9 2012

Dishonored: Wind Blast

After seeing this video, the use of power Wind Blast will have no secrets for you.

Publish date Oct 9 2012

Dishonored: Launch Trailer

Coming to UK stores on October 12.

Publish date Oct 9 2012

Dishonored Extended Play

Neon and Dave get their stealth on in Dunwall.

Publish date Oct 8 2012

Dishonored: The Tales from Dunwall - Episode 3: In the Mind of Madness

In the Mind of Madness introduces Piero, a key figure in the city of Dunwall, and who also plays a pivotal role in Corvo's story.

Publish date Sep 27 2012

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Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
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