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Codemasters has announced RaceNet, a new online destination that the publisher intends to become an interactive community platform for all Codemasters Racing games and players going forward.

RaceNet provides players with a single Driver Profile that can be carried across all future Codemasters Racing titles. Once you've created an account and linked it to your gaming platform account you're set for all future games.

RaceNet analyses your in-game accomplishments and performance, and displays your wins, times, cars, achievements and personal bests in rich animated infographics that are personal to your racing story.

Players will also be able to check out how they compare against friends across games. Take part in tournaments and track the progress of challenges against your rivals. Compare your in-game scores, RaceNet XP and Levels and RaceNet Awards progress.

You'll earn rewards for activity in RaceNet enabled games and for taking part in RaceNet community events.

RaceNet is free to access, and you'll be able to try it out when the service launches as part of the DiRT Showdown playable demo on May 1. For signing up to RaceNet players will be rewarded with a RaceNet Livery and a cash boost of $20,000 which can be accessed in DiRT Showdown. For players who sign up during the demo window, in addition to accessing community challenges based around the demo, players will receive a RaceNet "Founder Status" Award and a RaceNet XP Boost.

RaceNet will get its first feature update on May 25 at the launch of DiRT Showdown.

Features available May 1:

  • RaceNet sign up and RaceNet account creation.
  • Link RaceNet account to a PSN, Xbox Live or STEAM ID.
  • Contribute and track progress towards community challenges.
  • Gain access to RaceNet community through forums.
  • Unique ‘Founder Status' RaceNet Award and a RaceNet XP boost for anyone signing up during the demo.
  • All Codemasters Racing games that are RaceNet enabled will be automatically connected in future.

Features from May 25:

  • Weekly RaceNet Events for DiRT Showdown.
  • Regular general community events.
  • Add other RaceNet users as Friends and import your Friends from PSN / XBL / Steam
  • Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Race Profile
  • View Driver Profile page and track your progress across all RaceNet enabled games in one place.
  • View your Showdown career progress on RaceNet and compare and share your progress with others.
  • Link your YouTube account to view uploaded YouTube movies from Showdown on Racenet.

You can sign up to RaceNet on the Codemasters website.

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User Comments

Timid's Avatar

Timid@ FantasyMeister

Ehh, I guess it is one thing at a time. Integrating those services into a console will probably mean the console developers asking for a fee, so that may not be ideal.

Still, I am excited that this is happening. Hopefully I'll be able to join in on those weekly events. :)
Posted 19:26 on 19 April 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar


One account across ALL future games? Even if said games are on different platforms? Will we finally be seeing a unified leaderboard? And if not, WHY THE HELL NOT? There really is no reason.
Posted 18:28 on 19 April 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


This is getting slightly silly, so we've got RaceNet, Elite, Waypoint, umm, and a bunch of other stat-trackers, they should just get them integrated into the console services because it's a pain playing on a console then having to move 3 feet to see what effect the playtime has had on another service.

It's a nice idea, but I'd like to see these things implemented/integrated better, we can already carry save files over (e.g. Mass Effect), so why not other things?
Posted 16:23 on 19 April 2012

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