DiRT 3 screenshot
DiRT 3 screenshot

DiRT 3 sees a global release today, but PS3 fans looking to get stuck into the game's online mode will be disappointed - the game's online functions won't work until DiRT 3's VIP pass is redeemed through the currently offline PlayStation Store.

Earlier today Sony announced that, despite popular rumours of the service imminently returning, the PlayStation Store won't return tomorrow. "The latest information I have on PlayStation Store is that we are aiming to have it live by the end of May," said Sony on its European blog.

It means eager DiRT 3 owners will be left waiting a while longer before they can access the online modes - possibly a whole week.

"It is a really unfortunate situation but we are positive that everything is being done to rectify the service as soon as possible," said Codemasters communications manager Andy Gray to VideoGamer.com.

Tom described DiRT 3's online modes as "surprisingly good fun if you want a break from proper competition" and slapped the game with a rather hefty 9/10 in his glowing DiRT 3 review.

Last week VideoGamer.com confirmed the existence of DiRT 3's rumoured VIP pass and revealed that it would cost 800 Microsoft Points on 360 and £6.29 on PS3.

Only once the VIP pass is redeemed can players access online multiplayer and DiRT 3's YouTube upload service.

Mortal Kombat, another PS3 game that uses an online pass, recently disabled the need for the code until the PlayStation Store is resumed. Will Codemasters follow suit for DiRT 3?

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TomPearson's Avatar


Yeah, the single player will take you sometime. And I guess you could always go splitscreen or learn the tracks ready for when you can go online.
Posted 09:55 on 25 May 2011
clangod's Avatar


Shouldn't bother me at all. The time I intend to spend with Dirt 3 initially will be all offline. I'm in no rush. If not available until June I can put up with that.
Posted 08:58 on 25 May 2011

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