Defiance screenshot
Defiance screenshot

Defiance continues to push its transmedia offering with the chance for players of the game to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of Defiance on the Syfy channel.

To win a place on the show you simply have to earn the most ark salvage per hour (excluding ark salvage earned from the Salvage Matrix) during course of the contest which runs April 30 to May 10.

Only players who register for the contest and complete both Most Wanted pursuits will be eligible to win. Both pursuits will be in-game in the Goals section of the GO menu.

The winner will have artists from the Defiance series render their character's likeness into a special place in an upcoming episode.

To enter head over to the Defiance website.

Plenty more in the way of transmedia is promised, connecting the worlds of the game and TV series.

Source: Press release

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BC_Animus's Avatar


I still prefer Lord General British's promo for Tabula Rasa - send your DNA to space.
Posted 13:45 on 02 May 2013
Endless's Avatar


Doesn't need to be averages per hour or anything. Just total ark salvage earned divided by days. they could even just leave out the days part and just take total ark salvage and it wouldn't make any difference.

One thing I did notice after logging on is that the Shadow War is essentially constantly active now, because people need those 100 kills for the most wanted pursuit. Which is good and bad. it's good because it sometimes took ages to get in one. It's bad because no-one is doing anything else lol

Plus it reminds me why I dont play competitive FPS anymore, i'm simply not good enough for it to be fun for me.

I have no just installed PSO2 the nostalgia overload is likely to take precedence over Defiance for a while :)
Posted 12:59 on 02 May 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ Njeezy

Ah ok, fair enough :) But still, they have accumulating totals in pursuits that keep resetting, so if they can't add up I have doubts they can do more advanced stuff like averages per hour, so it's not a competition I'm eager to waste time on.
Posted 22:44 on 01 May 2013
Njeezy's Avatar

Njeezy@ FantasyMeister

Salvage matrix doesn't count, that's the only way to break weapons down.
Posted 22:37 on 01 May 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


It's too open to abuse, just get your clan/friends to trade you a bunch of items then break them down for salvage.
Posted 22:32 on 01 May 2013
Endless's Avatar


That is a seriously awesome incentive to get more involved in the game. If you're playing the game you're likely doing most of it already, but perhaps not the multiplayer. It's a hell of an incentive though, even if realistically some hick american college kid that spends 20 hours a day playing the game will probably win :|
Posted 13:24 on 30 April 2013

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