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UPDATE: EA has responded with the following official statement:

"While we have not announced sales for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and the franchise remains an important IP to EA."

ORIGINAL STORY: EA has ceased development on Dead Space 4 and effectively axed the series following lower than anticipated sales of Dead Space 3, has learned.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source familiar with the unannounced project told that Dead Space 4 had been in pre-production at Visceral Games, with a small team at Visceral Montreal allegedly tasked with developing prototypes and mock-ups for the title, and collaborating on ideas for the game's narrative.

However, the project was cancelled after Dead Space 3 failed to meet its sales targets, our source claims, telling us that EA executives visited Visceral Montreal last month to inform staff that the project had been terminated and announce details of the company's restructuring.

Visceral Montreal is rumoured to have closed following the restructuring.

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Though EA had yet to announce Dead Space 4, Dead Space 3's cliffhanger ending suggested that a fourth game had been planned by the publisher.

As well as discussing Dead Space 4's alleged cancellation, our source also gave us further insight into Dead Space 3's development, telling us that the game was almost cancelled partway through its development, and saw continuous cuts made to its budget throughout production.

Weapon-specific ammo was allegedly switched for generic ammo late in development, too, as a method for shoehorning in the game's controversial micro-transactions.

EA also advised Visceral that Dead Space 3 needed to appeal to a wider audience than the series' previous two titles, our source added, and the studio was reportedly told to focus on action over horror in an effort to make the game feel more like BioWare's Mass Effect.

Our source's comments tally with those made previously by EA.

Last year, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau suggested that Dead Space 3 would need to sell around five million copies in order for the series to survive.

"In general we're thinking about how we make this a more broadly appealing franchise," Gibeau told CVG, "because ultimately you need to get to audience sizes of around five million to really continue to invest in an IP like Dead Space.

"Anything less than that and it becomes quite difficult financially given how expensive it is to make games and market them."

Though sales figures for the game have yet to be officially released, the game's first week sales in the UK were down 26.6 per cent on the game's predecessor Dead Space 2.

In the weeks following its release, Dead Space 3 has gradually slipped further down the charts. The game currently sits at no.8, placing behind last year's Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Far Cry 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

EA announced plans to restructure its Los Angeles and Montreal studios in February, stating that though "many employees are being retrained for new positions... a small number will be released".

A former Visceral Montreal employee claims to have told Game Informer that "the entire studio has been laid off".

EA told that it does not comment on rumour or speculation when contacted about Dead Space 4's alleged cancellation.

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User Comments

kittykatswell's Avatar


This makes me sad when the community will not finish the series. I mean.. Come on!!!!!! It's a franchise. It's like buying Assassins Creed 1 and 2, but kinda gave up on Brotherhood. You don't give up on franchises. I think they just didn't advertised it right..... I thought it was melting when I seen its trailer. Turns out to be a great game! :)
Posted 08:47 on 06 March 2013
Rambolike's Avatar

Rambolike@ hasselhoof

Darn right -- so much junk out there. DS is a great series and they'll make another one for next gen for sure.
Posted 19:32 on 05 March 2013
Rambolike's Avatar


It's a bunch of BS -- the game series is amazing. I think the 4th installment will be the last one, though. But no complaints here from DS3, so much fun and great scares.
Posted 19:31 on 05 March 2013
hasselhoof's Avatar


I know Dead Space fans can all agree that the series is easily one of the best current gaming series. Regardless of whether you love the scary atmosphere of DS1, or the enhanced mobility and graphics, or expanded voice acting of the second one... they were both as good or better than any other games being released this generation.

Dead Space 3 is a little less scary, and has about the same graphics as DS2 had. But it did offer Co-Op... less scary, but finally I can play with my best friend in the Dead Space universe. We have been having an absolute blast playing together, and I was so excited to where this would lead us in the future. This game universe could split into so many different exciting directions. I am so disappointed to hear it just isn't selling.

Even though it's my least favorite Dead Space title it's still a hell of ride, and better than 85% of the other games hitting shelves these days.
Posted 16:34 on 05 March 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


EA responded guys, they're claiming it's still an important IP.
Posted 16:30 on 05 March 2013
MadMood's Avatar


If EA didn't put it in the input to turn DS3 into a micro-transaction having, co-op Resident Evil 5/ Army of Two wannabe.
Posted 15:52 on 05 March 2013
guyderman's Avatar


I loved Dead Space 1 and was really disapointed with Dead Space 2's paint by numbers third person action shooter route. I was hoping that Dead Space 3 would go towards rectifying the problesm with DS2 but sadly every interview I read just kept going on about co-op and micro transactions and then every video I saw was making the game look more and more like it was gonna be just another third person shooter that by the time the game was actually released I'd already lost all interest in going anywhere near it.

Obviously I can't actually comment on the quality of the game, having not played it, but I can just comment on why I was personally put off the game.

I am actually glad to hear Bev say that the game was pretty good so I will give it a try at some point - although I don't like the idea of Dead Space and Halo being used as comparisons because it was never the shooty part of Dead Space that interested me originally.

For the record, and a recommendation if no one has played it, Dead Space Extraction on the Wii, (or PS3 if you have move), is absolutely brilliant and brimming with atmosphere. Give it a go it's pennies now!
Posted 12:48 on 05 March 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


I dislike DS3s over reliance on putting you in a locked room, and just throwing waves of enemies at you. Rinse. Repeat. Ad nauseam. It's not scary, just annoying - especially as trying to shoot enemies right next to you is so clumsy.

All in all... the first title was easily the best as it was actually scary. This title... I can walk in a room, and accurately predict how many enemies will bust out, and where. I shouldn't be ale to do that - a horror game should keep me guessing, and get me when I'm not expecting it. For that reason, I think DS3 is a bad game. Still better than DS2, though...

Plowing on, though, and shall trade in as soon as it is finished.
Posted 12:20 on 05 March 2013
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ dav2612

I don't like Star Wars but you don't see my on the internet saying it's rubbish because it isn't. It's taste and thats what people get mixed up with.

That's why they are clueless to me as there is nothing wrong with the game except for a story element which I won't say so it doesn't ruin it for people.

There is so much hate on games at the moment where it's not warranted and gamers are clueless from what I have seen in the last year, with the "change the ending to Mass Effect 3" to more people buying on demand which costs more than retail and you can't sell them. And more and more troll videos trending on youtube.

Nevermind the "I excpect this to be free" attitude that seems to spreading.
Posted 12:15 on 05 March 2013
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ rbevanx

Are people who don't like DS3 clueless or do they simply have a different opinion to those who liked it?
Posted 12:05 on 05 March 2013
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ DancingRhino

Well I have played all three games and Dead Space 3 was the best easilly. It went back to it's horror/puzzle roots from the first game as well as having a good mix of action and never over doing it like in Dead Space 2 (which was generic). It had something for everyone and it's scale was almost as good as Halo 4 for it's production, and I think they had no where near the budget of Halo.

There is also no tacked on multiplayer on Dead Space 3.

Now I really liked Kane & Lynch 2 but I can assure I would not recomend it to people except for it's cops and robbers multiplayer.

People who say it's rubbish or whatever are clueless in my view, fair enough you don't like it but just beacuse you didn't personally like it means most people are gonna hate it.
I have seen on other forums people who have played the game and have said they really liked it.
Posted 11:58 on 05 March 2013
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ BC_Animus

I don't think it's a case of art overtaking the financial side with Dead Space 3.

The game is coming out on the last year of this generation, not a great time of the year and a lot of negative's before the game even came out thanks to EA.

EA are also responcible for the budget being to high and they are the publishers and they could have easilly went "cut down on this" or "do this instead".
The games makers were given a budget to work with and EA agreed with it, selling the game is EA's job and Viscreal's job was making it.
It was a similar thing with Prototype 2 in my view.
Posted 11:51 on 05 March 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar

DancingRhino@ rbevanx

As much as it may be a competent game, it does seem like the series went down the lackluster/ generic lane to me. I've played the first two, and it was heading there with the sequel. From reviews and whatever, it seems like they did go down the safe route - bigger, more action, tacked on multiplayer.

Which is all opposed to what people loved about the original: understated, horror over action all the time, atmosphere. You may not like it but the poor sales are hardly surprising, exactly like the resident evil series.
Posted 11:46 on 05 March 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar

BC_Animus@ EverTheOptimist

Sadly its all about the $$$. Love, pride, art, integrity, and all those other fancy ideals... they are gone from this world. Or maybe we're all just jaded. The world is old and cranky. Time to start over.
Posted 11:42 on 05 March 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


I loved the first game, and enjoyed the 2nd. Haven't tried the 3rd yet, but I'm sad to see the series die. It came from a good point in time I think, back when EA was loosening up and allowing their studios more freedom and was encouraging creativity and individuality.

It's sad to see the industry dying the way it is, seeing its soul being sucked away a piece at a time. Soon there'll be nothing left IMO. RIP Dead Space, and hello to more generic clones of Gears of War and God of War. And CoD. Goddamn the CoDs.
Posted 11:37 on 05 March 2013

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