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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review for Xbox 360

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A downloadable prequel to Dead Rising 2.

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero screenshot
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero screenshot

It takes a clear plan and a dedicated approach to rescue all the survivors, nab your daughter's medicine and fix the getaway bike on a single run; even if you're a Dead Rising veteran you're first stab at the game will find you blindly exploring the town. It's not a huge place, but it still takes a while to work out how to get from A to B, and where the best supplies are to be found. Chuck can only carry a limited number of objects at a time, and since your weapons break or expire after a set number of uses, the game forces you to update your arsenal on a regular basis. If you're feeling inventive, you can combine certain items at a workbench to open up a more creative set of death-dealing instruments. Combing a shotgun and a pitchfork, for example, creates a Boomstick - a ridiculous-looking firearm that skewers zombies and then blows them into chunks, netting you a tonne of XP in the process.

While it's really quite commendable that Capcom has managed to create such a concise replica taster of the Dead Rising formula, this faithfulness also means that Case Zero has the same drawbacks as it's full-blooded siblings (I'm speaking in general terms here, since I've yet to play the final code for DR2). The main stumbling block for newcomers will be the game's steep difficulty curve. You can only save your progress at significant points in the story, or when you get Chuck to visit a toilet - and when you do save, there are only three slots to use. This is actually a 200 per cent increase on the single slot that Capcom gave us last time, but while veterans will be appreciative of this fact, everyone else may be a bit mystified at the developers' efforts to make things as hard as possible.

Even in this baby-sized outing, it's surprisingly easy to cock up the central mission thread if you mess around too much - which is rather odd as the game tempts you to do just that at every opportunity. Ten minutes into Case Zero my Chuck was wearing a pink frilly dress and a cowboy hat, and he when he wasn't ramming a hobby horse through a zombie's chest he was vomiting his guts up (drinking booze now makes you sick, in unpleasantly graphic detail). It's this combination of sandbox playfulness and hardcore challenge that makes Dead Rising what it is. The difficulty will be off-putting for some people, but as I've mentioned before, it's worth bearing in mind that the game is never as hard as it is when you first start playing. With time you learn the ley of the land, how to handle the zombies, and which tools work best in a given situation. You'll also level up Chuck, granting him increased health, speed and carrying capacity, as well as a few special moves. And since your save here can be ported over to Dead Rising 2, your work in Case Zero will ultimately make things easier in a few weeks' time - assuming you buy the full release, of course.

Aside from the difficulty, there are a few technical issues that overshadowing the party. Case Zero isn't the prettiest of games, and while it's still quite neat to have so many enemies on screen at once, the effect is less impressive than when Dead Rising first popped up four years ago. There's also a hefty price to be paid for having all these foes, in the shape of some of the longest loading screens we've seen in, well, yonks. With any luck this won’t be such a problem in the true sequel, which should offer large sections of casino and shopping mall to explore at any given time, but here in Still Creek you'll soon grow tired of the breaks in the action. It's also quite surprising that your human NPCs still converse with you via on-screen text, rather than proper recorded dialogue, but at least their AI is an improvement on the braindead behaviour were had before - showing enough simulated intelligence to make rescue missions a relatively smooth process.

For all its originality, Dead Rising 2 smacks of old-school design. Perhaps I should be more critical of that, but it's hard to be stern when the game offers such a good time. We'll have to see how the full adventure fares when we get our grubby mitts on final review code, but in the meantime Case Zero is certainly an encouraging step in the right direction. It's unforgiving and distinctly lacking in eye-candy, but it's also funny, original and challenging, with plenty of scope for repeated play. If you like Dead Rising, this should be a no-brainer; if you're new to the franchise this is a great way to dip your toe in the water. Either way, it's a bargain for the asking price.

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User Comments

Bloodstorm's Avatar


Yea, thumbed down for opinion which populist *****s don't like.

I played it and it played exactly the same as the first and 400 points for a demo is showing you that people will really buy anything. Don't be surprised if any other company does the same.
Posted 11:30 on 03 September 2010
reynoldio's Avatar

reynoldio@ Bloodstorm

Joke how? Sounds pretty cheap to me for a full (if short) game!
Posted 22:33 on 02 September 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Saw my flatmate play it today, didn't think much of it and 400 MS points for it is a total joke.
Posted 22:30 on 02 September 2010
reynoldio's Avatar


Sounds like an amazing deal, really wish I could get my hands on this! DR2 is on the Christmas list, but I'd love a little downloadable taster! Haven't yet played DR1 but always liked the sound of it. I guess there's no chance of a PSN version in a few weeks? Please?!
Posted 19:55 on 02 September 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


I've heard so much excitement about Dead Rising 2 all done to this XBLA game. So glad Capcom got it so right with this prequel thing; they've done exactly wht they intended to do, and without charging us £10. Amazing.
Posted 19:01 on 02 September 2010
player66's Avatar


I force-fed Dead Rising 1 when it was one of the few quality launch titles. After a couple of hours with Case Zero I wanted to put it down, but got through it all, just the same. Now that I've had a couple of days to think about it, I'm ready to jump back in and get all of the achievements for the "demo". Fun times!
Posted 18:10 on 02 September 2010
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Clockpunk

It's encouraging to hear that someone else who didn't have much success with the original is having fun with this one. Fingers crossed that I find the same :)
Posted 12:01 on 02 September 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar


Having tried to play DR1 again recently, to not much success due to hard controls and unfairly crippling damage mechanics from gun fire which sets you in an infinite loop, I can honestly say the DR2 control scheme appears to be much improved. From a adventure/exploration point of view, the is fantastic trying to find where parts or bits may logically be, and then coming across something even cooler to use as a weapon.

But, we are all different, no matter how much some posters on these boards might want everyone to be vanilla-replicant-zombies of an archetypal gamer pattern. The formula isn't for everyone.

That tag is a fantastic way of putting it, Neon.
Posted 11:51 on 02 September 2010
guyderman's Avatar


I must admit that I was one of the few people that didn't like the original - the idea and the gameplay itself were great but it was the crushing time frame, moronic AI and terrible difficulty curve that destroyed the game for me and stopped me having fun with it. It was a shame as I really wanted to like it SO much.
I'm still going to DL this - as 400 points is pennies for me to have a go and I really want to try and like it!
Posted 11:46 on 02 September 2010
Karlius's Avatar


For 400ms points I think this is a must. Great review thanks Neon.

PS. The TD didn't come from me lol.
Posted 11:40 on 02 September 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


I dipped my toe in the water with this and really hated it. Good review all the same, but this ain't for me.
Posted 11:16 on 02 September 2010

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
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