Dead or Alive 4 for Xbox 360

On: Xbox 360
Dead or Alive 4

The most popular Xbox fighter makes its debut on the Xbox 360. Score:


Our Verdict: Dead or Alive 4 is the kind of game you love to hate. You hate it for its cheap A.I., but you love it for just about everything else.

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Sushi, sake and Dead or Alive.

2 Publish date Oct 4 2010

Top 10 Video Game Crushes

The female game characters who waggled our joysticks.

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Team Ninja talks Dead or Alive post-Itagaki

Intends to 'listen to fans more'.

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Team Ninja to show three new action games at TGS

All titles are targeting the international market.

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Tecmo rejects Square Enix takeover

Is in talks to merge with Koei.

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Staff walkout at Team Ninja

Itagaki's departure only the start of an exodus from the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive studio.

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Dinner with Team Ninja in Article Comments

clangod's Avatar

Ni-Oh sounds like a game I could be interested in even if all I know is that it involves 'action' and 'Samurai'... I'm also keen to see what Team Ninja can do with Ninja Gaiden 3. Don't care much...

Top 10 Video Game Crushes in Article Comments

Ghost_Dog's Avatar

How can this list not include Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury & King of Fighters)? She would top my list. Easy!

Team Ninja talks Dead or Alive post-Itagaki in Article Comments

robz48's Avatar

not just topless, lets have some full nudity

by robz48

Game Stats

Release Date: 27/01/2006
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Microsoft
Genre: Beat 'em Up
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 1,482 205
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