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Dead Island: Riptide screenshot
Dead Island: Riptide screenshot

Claims suggesting that it is too late in the console cycle to introduce new IPs are "bullsh*t", Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz has said.

"Any publisher is looking for blockbuster IPs and any publisher who has managed to establish one hangs onto it and develops and nurtures it," Kundratitz told MCV.

"We do not believe that at this time in the console cycle you cannot establish new IPs - that's bullsh*t.

"You can find excuses as to why you're not doing it as a company but it's just not right. We just need innovation. That's what the industry, in many areas, is lacking. For lack of ideas, it's throwing more money at production values. For many, it's the formula. It works for some but, being our size, we have no choice but to try out new avenues."

Kundratitz adds that the recent trend of using bigger teams and budgets is "not sustainable".

"The market doesn't allow that really. If a publisher says, 'Unless I sell 6m units, I'm not breaking even,' to me this doesn't feel like good business practice."

Back in September, EA Games label boss Frank Gibeau said that he felt the "market doesn't reward new IP this late in the cycle," adding that EA is "focused on bringing out a bunch of new IPs around the next generation of hardware."

Koch Media's publishing label Deep Silver, of course, saw huge success with Dead Island, a new open world horror IP that launched during the summer of 2011. A sequel, Dead Island Riptide, is due for release next April.

And Kundratitz isn't the only one to disagree with Gibeau's claims.

Speaking to last month, Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price - who is currently working on new IP 'Fuse' - said that he felt Gibeau was wrong.

"Well, we're seeing evidence of [the market rewarding new IP] right now with Dishonored, right?" he said.

"I believe, and we at Insomniac believe - and I think EA believes - that new IP can always succeed if it's a well-made game that offers players something that is compelling.

"And I think this spring we're still going to see a lot of new IP," he continued. "We're going to see Fuse, we're going to see The Last of Us, and so as a player, I'm always interested in experiencing new universes no matter where we are in the life cycle. I also like playing sequels, but new IP is a break for players from the games that they have been playing for the last five or six years."

Source: MCV

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User Comments

s_h_a_d_o's Avatar

s_h_a_d_o@ Wido

I refuse to look at that Kojima/Konami game until it's rechristened Grounds Zero. :|
Posted 19:27 on 08 November 2012
Wido's Avatar


I agree on some aspects, but I firmly agree on the opener to this article:

"Claims suggesting that it is too late in the console cycle to introduce new IPs are "bullsh*t", Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz has said."

Innovation is what drives this industry, no shadow of a doubt. He mentions that the industry is lacking? Hmm, maybe in the past year or two, but they has been many blockbuster games even if they have been sequels. Of course we are at the end of this generation lifecycle to the developers eyes, but no the consumers. I'm sure if you did a survey if people wanted to jump on the next generation Noah's Ark. A lot of people will state that the 360/PS3 and PC is catering for their needs and have so much more to offer, which I personally believe as well.

Look at Metal Gear Ground Zeroes. Kojima has been working on the Fox engine for how many years now? Then we get that 10 minutes of pure "oh god, pass the wipes, I just jizzed" moment, and then announces its coming out on Xbox 360 & PS3!!! Thats just a example...
Posted 14:23 on 08 November 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar


We as consumers are to blame too. I know we all screams for innovation, for new IPs and the like - but when innovative new titles arrive on the scene they rarely do well saleswise.

Problem is there are just way too many competing choices out there nowadays, so a lot of gamers are opting to go with either cheaper/free throw-away non-AAA titles, or are sticking with the safe existing IPs that they know and loved.

This means the bulk of the crap we get nowadays are basically all sequels to, or copies of existing titles on the market. I just bloody hate it.
Posted 13:17 on 08 November 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I kind of agree. The current model of milking old IPs with sequels, HD re-releases, GOTY editions (with DLC included) and now - probably the worst culprit and one we're likely to see more of - Anthologies (looking at you, £120 Assassin's Creed) is going to turn around and bite publishers hard when gamers start pointing out "Hey, we've already played those, got anything new?"

Sequels in particular are getting troublesome and I think everyone knows the FPS marketplace is about to implode on itself.

We definitely need more crazy ideas like crossing Barbie Race and Ride with a third person shooter to get Red Dead Redemption rather than "Same again, but with a IV, V, or VI tacked on the end of the title".
Posted 13:01 on 08 November 2012

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