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Deep Silver has announced Dead Island Riptide's Zombie Bait Edition, an Xbox 360-exclusive collector's edition featuring a steelbook, a pair of weapon and character skins - and a 31cm statue of a decapitated girl in her bikini.

Yep, you read that right. A 12 inch, 2.5kg statue of a bloodied female torso, hand-painted and made from synthetic resin.

Take a look below for a full res shot of the model, and then have a think about where exactly on the mantelpiece you'd want to put it.

"Dead Island Riptide is one of the most anticipated releases of the year and is set to build on the original’s reputation for OTT action, dark humour and brutal zombie bashing," said Paul Nicholls, Sales & Marketing Director at Deep Silver.

"We wanted to provide a unique collector’s edition that was utterly 'Dead Island' and would make a striking conversation piece on any discerning zombie gamer's mantel.”

A price for the Zombie Bait Edition has yet to be announced, but availability is said to be "strictly limited".

Dead Island Riptide launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on April 26.

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Source: Deep Silver press release

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User Comments

thewasd's Avatar

thewasd@ Laughter

Let's pity and laugh at the insecure girl. And women can have sexy abs, too.
Posted 13:13 on 30 January 2013


So the Americans get a bobble head and suitcase; we get a tacky bikini bust. - What kind of market research did (or didn't) they do to come up with this pile of trash.

Stay classy Deep Silver.
Posted 23:21 on 15 January 2013
Mintyrebel's Avatar


They just tweeted saying sorry... LOL. Seriously people are paid to make these choices, how can they not realize what was going to happen. Just a massive PR stunt.
Posted 21:30 on 15 January 2013
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Is the bikini glued on? lol

What a strange item to include in the package.
Posted 21:30 on 15 January 2013
Chlandy's Avatar


Well looks like Daves no preorders resolution will be going out the window..I mean think of all the 'striking conversations' you'll have because of it.

Such as 'oh my god are you some kind of serial killer'.
Posted 18:25 on 15 January 2013
Laughter's Avatar


WTB version with huge man crotch and half eaten legs. Please include sexy abs.
Posted 18:00 on 15 January 2013
rbevanx's Avatar


I would love to have that on my office desk in work.
Posted 17:15 on 15 January 2013
CharleSketch's Avatar


Woah, since when is Dead Island Riptide one of the most anticipated releases of the year? As far as internet buzz goes, I'm pretty sure the new Pokemon games are way higher on the anticipation list, and it's barely been a week since they were announced.

Classy bust, thou.
Posted 16:59 on 15 January 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar



No, wait - I mean that other word: 'obscene'.
Posted 14:45 on 15 January 2013


So basically, it's a statue of tits? I suppose it makes sense for the audience its aimed at.

Dave, I'm disappointed about the lack of a, 'bust of a bust' comment, or anything like that.
Posted 13:55 on 15 January 2013

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