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Kinect for Xbox is not limited to only two active players, Microsoft's Xbox general manager Kudo Tsunoda told at gamescom last week.

Contrary to what's been widely reported, many of the Kinect launch titles support only two active players because of developer choice, not any kind of limitation of the technology.

"I think that it all depends on the kind of experience that you want to build," said Tsunoda when questioned about the possibility of more that two active players. "Certainly if you look at a game, go down on the floor, Dance Central is already incorporating a lot more than two players. So you know it's not necessarily any kind of limitation as much as it is developers just trying to customise the experiences around what they think is the best way to play.

"You can see like sometimes in a split-screen game it's hard to add more and more players because it's hard to see what's going on - and that's true of any game. I think something like Dance Central you can see is already incorporating more than two."

Kinect for Xbox 360 will launch in the UK on November 10 priced £129.99. Check out the full interview with Kudo right here.

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Michael Jackson game is apparently single player on Kinect and 4 player on Wii but on 360/PS3 allows for singing.Move player numbers not decided.
Posted 12:17 on 27 August 2010
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Karlius@ Locke_Daemonfire

I'm sure Kudo has a supreme understanding to most.
Posted 08:37 on 27 August 2010
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Tsunoda is obviously a little bit mistaken. Dance Central does not allow for even just 2 players to play at the same time. There's a battle mode, but that's switching off turns. This was confirmed by the developers.

It's understandable because the backup dancers in the demos were really misleading. He should really check his info though.
Posted 06:26 on 27 August 2010

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