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New IP from the developer of Far Cry.

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Crysis screenshot
Crysis screenshot

One of the changes made to the game during its transition to consoles is the way your various abilities are mapped to buttons on the controller. Instead of the ability wheel of the original PC release, here you simply press a button. If you're coming to this port having played the game on PC the new system will feel odd, but players of Crysis 2 on console will already know the setup.

Vehicles play a big part in the game too, with plenty of jeeps and tanks coming under your control during the course of the eight-hour campaign. Jeeps tend not to last long when the enemy forces spot you, but it's all good explosive fun - especially when you're the one doing the shooting, with the gas tanks on the jeeps being highly flammable. Most of the time vehicle usage is optional, so if you really want to move through a level on foot, you can.

If you've read anything about Crysis you might be expecting a full on alien assault from the get-go, but you don't actually face off against the squid-like creatures until halfway through the campaign. The new foes make for a change from killing North Koreans, but the game loses its sandbox feel, with levels becoming far more linear. It's still action-packed and incredibly good-looking, but the latter third of the game is certainly more about spectacle than considered gameplay.

While Crysis is getting on in years now, on PS3 and Xbox 360 it still looks extremely impressive. This console version benefits from improved lighting not seen in the original release that gives the environments a more natural look, but sadly the framerate never quite feels smooth enough. Again, if you've played Crysis 2 on consoles you'll know what to expect, and overall Crytek has done a decent job with the port.

There are a few blemishes here and there - the fire from barrels looks a little ugly and the windshield effect when in vehicles is plain terrible - but most people will be extremely impressed with the game's appearance. Another plus for this edition is an apparent boost in meatiness to the weapon and grenade sounds, making the combat feel a little more explosive than on PC.

While the latter portion of Crysis isn't as good as what precedes it, the game as a whole still ranks as one of the best FSP campaigns of the modern gaming era. The console port is excellent, so if you've never had a PC up to the job now's your chance to see what all the fuss was about.

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar

Endless@ clangod

So you would get the PC version of a PC game and then worry that your console peripheral wouldnt work with it? You strange :P

I'd rather get a seperate mouse and keyboard if I were to get the PC version lol
Posted 13:57 on 09 October 2011
clangod's Avatar


That is my dilemma. I'm not 100% sure my laptop is up to it although FM's recent "Can You Run It?" link says I have a supercomputer with max recommended settings. Plus, is 360 pad support available for the Steam version?

Definitely want to check it out though.
Posted 03:03 on 09 October 2011


I was looking to get this until steam stuck it on sale for under £3.
Posted 22:03 on 06 October 2011

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