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Costume Quest screenshot
Costume Quest screenshot

It took four years for Brütal Legend to claw its way out of development, four years of hard work, heavy metal, and publisher troubles - the latter eventually resulting in an angry legal showdown that was settled out of court. After all the hassle, you can hardly blame Tim Schafer and Double Fine for wanting to try something different.

The new plan, as revealed by Shafer at this year's Develop Conference in Brighton, is to put out a quartet of smaller games in relatively quick succession. The four titles were all born out of something called Amnesia Fortnight - a two-week period in which the Double Fine staff took a break from their usual work, and instead built their own mini-projects from scratch. When the company heard that Brütal Legend 2 was dead in the water, it turned its attention back to its four prototypes - and now, strangely enough, all of the projects have publishing deals.

It's a happy turn of events for the studio, and for us it should hopefully mean four helpings of Double Fine's typical creativity and wit, without a massive wait in-between. It's important to note that Schafer himself is taking more of a back-seat supervisor role, leaving each game to be directed by its original creator. The Monkey Island scribe has leant a hand on the writing for Costume Quest, but the project is being overseen by Tasha Harris - lead animator on Brütal Legend. The game itself is a light RPG romp set in an American suburban neighbourhood on Halloween, served with a knowing sense of humour that both compliments and contrasts with its cute, cel-shaded appearance.

The plot focuses on Wren and Reynold - a squabbling brother and sister tag-team who've just moved to a new area. At the start of the game the pair get a lecture from their parents, who calmly dictate that one of the kids must take charge as they head out for a night of trick-or-treating. Your first action in the game is to control the mother's arm as she decides who gets to wear the smug expression - whoever she picks will be the character you play as. Regardless of who you plump for, things swiftly take a turn for the worse: first your sibling embarrasses you by wearing an utterly rubbish costume, then they get snatched up by the inhabitant of the second house you visit. But don't reach for your pitchfork and your copy of News of the World - because the kidnapper isn't a dribbly nonce-in-waiting, but rather a dim-witted monster named Gus (Phew!).

As it turns out, the monsters are here to steal the town's sweets. Your brother/sister is dressed as a piece of candy, and Gus thought that they were some kind of novelty talking confectionery. Now you've got to get them back - not because you're worried about your sibling getting killed, but because if they do you'll get grounded. And that would be kind of a drag, non?

The adventure that ensues finds your kid of choice trawling the neighbourhood, attempting to follow the trail of the kidnapping nasties. Your first obstacle is a large and rather sinister-looking security gate that will only open once you've gathered sweets from all the remaining houses in the first area - but then since you don't really care about what happens to your brother/sister, you'd have done that anyway, right? Each home that you've yet to visit has lights running up the driveway, and these then blink off as soon as your candy-raid is complete. Sometimes you'll be greeted by a clueless adult who'll add to your tooth-rotting stash (sweets also function as in-game currency, incidentally), but on other occasions the door will be opened by a monster. In this case, it's time for a fight.

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reynoldio's Avatar


Does sound like a fun little game, very much looking forward to all the Double Fine offerings as I really liked most of Brutal Legend and obviously the man Schafer has some decent history on his side. Fingers crossed!
Posted 22:47 on 30 September 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar


Nice preview, Neon! Might be a nice little time-waster, no doubt released just before Halloween (though along with RDR Undead Nightmare pack... :/)
Posted 17:35 on 30 September 2010

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