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Call of Duty: World at War screenshot You have obviously used CoD4 as a reference but has Infinity Ward given you any feedback on World at War?

NH: Absolutely. We share builds back and forth with their team. And vice versa. Does it help in a way?

NH: Yeah. I mean please, we're our own team and we need to build our own game but long before Call of Duty 4 was shipping we were looking at builds of that game and working on that engine long before that game shipped. There's good communication between the two teams. Some fans of CoD4 really like it because it's an infantry only game. Are you afraid you're going to alienate some people?

NH: Absolutely. And that's why we're spending a lot of time on vehicle balancing.

RF: And also creating specific levels that are keyed towards specific gameplay. And even on the vehicle maps, there are sections where we say no vehicles allowed.

NH: Also of course we provide many many maps which are infantry only. So if people don't want to play with vehicles they don't have to. The key is the moment you get into a vehicle you get more fire power, more armour but maybe you're a sitting duck and maybe draw fire and the careful balance of those things will be what makes that feature sing. Are the vehicles team related, like being more effective manning a gun on a tank for example?

NH: Absolutely. We feel that the team gameplay is a great thing to support. There will also be LVT vehicles for instance that go through the water. Water and fire on maps will be a new feature of multiplayer and we'll see how that plays out. We don't add to great multiplayer lightly but the team is really passionate about it. Do you think most CoD4 fans will look at World at War and see it as the follow up to Modern Warfare or the follow up to CoD3?

NH: About half the people that bought Modern Warfare never played CoD before. Of these for about half CoD3 was their first game. There's an expectation from CoD4 that they're going to get a great shooter. Making both these groups happy is our goal this time around.

RF: We all read the forums. Whatever they're expecting from a WW2 shooter will be completely shattered when the game comes out. Thanks for your time.

Call of Duty: World at War is due out for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii this Autumn.

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WarCriminal's Avatar
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These guys need to stop referencing COD 4..They are Treyarch, not IW they made COD 3 and this game.. Not the highest rated and highest played games out there.. What's up next for Treyarch? Call of Duty:Civil War?
Posted 17:29 on 10 November 2008
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i think novemeber 11th im getting frist realse
Posted 03:09 on 04 October 2008
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Wido@ coolguy

Originally Posted by coolguy
wen does new call of duty come out??

Novemeber I think.
Posted 21:13 on 09 July 2008
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wen does new call of duty come out??
Posted 21:05 on 09 July 2008
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i look forward to this game i love all the call of duty's
i have cod 2 it was bomb i still play it on live cod4 was a huge game
i look forward to see how u guys match up
Posted 10:57 on 01 July 2008
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im really looking forward to this game coming out
i have call of duty 3 and i think personaly it is alot better than cod 4
because i like using vehicles so you dont have to run everywhere
cant wait till it comes out
Posted 18:08 on 29 June 2008
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Posted 16:26 on 24 June 2008
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They didn't ask the question I wanted. "So Treyarch, what is it like being Activision's whore, and a rather untalented oversized group of publisher butt buddies?"
Posted 09:08 on 24 June 2008
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dinks98: im so with you on that one, i seriously am wondering if developers play games becuase they still havn't made a good free roam kind of action fest with actuall smart A.I.
more like the A. but not the I.
i want to injoy killing bad guys not feel bored.
Posted 08:42 on 24 June 2008
Dinks98's Avatar
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If this continues to take game AI a step backwards then im gonna be real peeved. COD4 was a scripted roller coaster ride with no replay value. MOre games need rampant AI protocols like Halo 3 and Battlefield BC- a much better modern warfare game than COD4
Posted 18:56 on 23 June 2008
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Looking good!
Posted 18:22 on 23 June 2008
Mehar's Avatar
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Great Interview Guys, I'm looking forward to this game!
Posted 16:33 on 23 June 2008

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