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Captain America: Super Soldier Review for Xbox 360

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Players take on the role of 'Super Soldier' Captain America and will battle enemies including Iron Cross, the Hydra Army and Red Skull.

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Captain America: Super Soldier screenshot
Captain America: Super Soldier screenshot

Captain America: Super Solider could well end up being the best surprise of 2011. It's quite fair to say that SEGA doesn't have a great track record when it comes to its Marvel titles (Thor anyone?), so I went into this expecting the worst. What I got was a heavily Batman: Arkham Asylum inspired action title from Next Level Games which, while a little rough around the edges and clearly in need of its own dose of Super-Soldier serum, is a fun comic-book romp with satisfyingly meaty combat.

One of the reasons Captain America turned out as well as it did could be that the story here isn't really that closely tied to the movie. While you get many of the same characters, including Chris Evans as Steve 'Cap' Rogers, the game is set within castle grounds in the Bavarian mountains. Film villain Red Skull makes an appearance, but your main foe is scientist Armin Zola, who is trying to recreate the serum which gave Rogers his powers. Creating a side story to the film no doubt gave the development team more room for creativity.

First impressions aren't brilliant. While the world Next Level Games has created has a nice solidity to it, there's no denying that certain areas are very bland, the frame rate is almost always below par, and lighting at times looks like it's been lifted from a previous generation. The opening sequence, which sees Captain America turn up in some trenches to take on the evil Hydra army, isn't great, but soon enough you enter a pseudo open-world interconnected by a sewer system and the game's quality is elevated up a good few levels.

Combat is the key to the game's success as a fun superhero title. Taking its cues unashamedly from Batman's successful outing, you're given a single button to dish out punches and kicks, all chained together in a way that looks far more spectacular than it has any right to. On top of this there's a grab button, the ability to throw your shield at enemies or objects in the environment, and a modifier that lets you perform special attacks as long as you've got enough juice in the super meter.

Defensive play is just as important as going on the attack, with Cap's shield able to withstand some heavy firepower. Projectile attacks can be blocked and deflected back at enemies if you get the timing right, which not only takes out the pesky soldier responsible but also helps recharge your super attack energy. Counter attacks and other more advanced special moves can be unlocked as your earn credits, so the game's combat evolves just enough over the course of the adventure to keep things interesting.

Enemy variety is handled well too, with new enemy types cropping up regularly - each requiring a slightly different approach to take them down. Mixing up your numerous attack options against large groups is where the game is at its best, with slow-motion finishing moves highlighting Cap's power in an extremely satisfying manner.

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User Comments

aansystone's Avatar

i've enjoyed it a lot and now looking for your response about Captain.
Posted 20:17 on 28 August 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


Having just started Arkham Asylum again, I must admit to being most intrigued by Capt, America - purely from the review and Tom's comments on the podcast. Perhaps once it hits £20... but at the end of the day, the hero just isn't Bats, and I think a good deal of the charm of AA came playing as him, as opposed to any other 'hero' - and the DC world has always surpassed that of Marvel's, in my opinion.

I am surprised the title appeard to have retained its value, though - just like Shadows of the Damned, it is still generally £30, so far as I can tell.
Posted 21:07 on 07 August 2011
aansystone's Avatar

aansystone@ pblive

yea, i'm looking forward to get one and see what this super soldier is capable of.
Posted 20:17 on 07 August 2011


Sounds far more fun than the iOS game.
Posted 17:01 on 22 July 2011
guyderman's Avatar


Blimey - this fared a lot better than I was expecting! Will add this to the ol' rental list and have a blast!
Posted 16:15 on 22 July 2011

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Captain America: Super Soldier
Out of 10
Captain America: Super Soldier
  • Combat is simple but meaty
  • New moves are regularly unlocked
  • Certain elements seem rushed
  • Some bland environments
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Release Date: 15/07/2011
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