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call of duty ghosts wide -

Activision has released the first official details on Call of Duty: Ghosts following its reveal earlier today.

Developed by Infinity Ward and launching on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 5, 2013, Call of Duty: Ghosts features a new "next-generation Call of Duty engine", and an "all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast".

The game will also release on next-generation consoles, including PS4 and Microsoft's next-generation Xbox.

The first gameplay footage will be revealed live during Microsoft's next-gen Xbox reveal on May 21.

Unlike last year's Call of Duty, however, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Ghosts appears to be skipping a release on Wii U.

"Everyone was expecting us to make Modern Warfare 4, which would have been the safe thing to do. But we're not resting on our laurels," said Mark Rubin, executive producer of Infinity Ward.

"We saw the console transition as the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter for Call of Duty. So we're building a new sub-brand, a new engine, and a lot of new ideas and experiences for our players. We can't wait to share them with our community."

"Infinity Ward set the gold standard for first-person action for a generation, and they're going to do it again with Call of Duty: Ghosts," added Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg. "Ghosts delivers an all-new story, all-new characters, an all-new Call of Duty world, all powered by a next generation Call of Duty engine, which is a leap forward for the franchise.

"Infinity Ward is going all-in to create the next generation of Call of Duty worthy of the world's greatest fans."

Starting today, customers who pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts will also receive a bonus Ghosts weapon skin for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Call of Duty: Ghosts was first rumoured back in March after YouTube user drift0r claimed to have heard information about the unannounced title.

It was then leaked by Tesco a month later, who posted the game's box art and details about its next-generation engine. Other retailers followed suit, with promotional posters, marketing plans and listings on other formats appearing online in the days that followed.

Infinity Ward is rumoured to have been working on a next-gen title since early 2012, shortly after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Source: Activision Press Release

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User Comments

MJTH's Avatar


It's CoD, I can't even be bothered be really annoyed by this move, since I was never going to buy the game for Wii U.

It's really only the principle of it I'm against. If you going to make a next version and a current gen version, why not Wii U? I mean you can't say that it's a lack of power because the current gen are technically worse in that regard, and you can't say lack of user base because the Next Gen won't have that off the mark as well...
Posted 07:10 on 02 May 2013
CharleSketch's Avatar

CharleSketch@ Woffls

I can't shake off the feeling that many western developers are picking on the Wii U for no reason at all. Several Wii U versions getting canned, future games not coming out on it, getting lousy ports, etc. The console can handle the graphics and the online, so what's the big deal?

Ah, what do I care anyway, CoD games are absurdly dull in my book. I'd much rather play Nintendoland on a couch with my friends than any CoD game online with friends.
Posted 03:33 on 02 May 2013
Woffls's Avatar


And there's seriously no budget for a WiiU version? Pathetic.
Posted 21:20 on 01 May 2013
altaranga's Avatar


Given that every CoD is pretty much a clone these days I'll believe "all-new gameplay experience" when I see it.

That said, CoD: Ghosts, BF4 and Project Titan are all scheduled for a Q4 release this year. It might be an interesting three months for the FPS genre.
Posted 19:04 on 01 May 2013

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