Call of Duty Elite Downloads for Xbox 360

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Call of Duty Elite: Noob Tube Teaser Trailer

Get a first look at Call of Duty ELITE's 'hilarious' new clip show, Noob Tube!

Publish date Jun 25 2012

Call of Duty Elite: Clan Operations Video Walkthrough

Get your Call of Duty ELITE Clan prepared for Clan Operations and learn about prizing, Clan XP, Clan Showcase and more in this video walkthrough.

Publish date Mar 30 2012

Call of Duty Elite: Content Drop 4 Outtakes Trailer

Check out the outtake reel from the Content Drop 4 Trailer.

Publish date Mar 14 2012

Call of Duty Elite: Content Drop 4 - Black Box Map Trailer

Drop 4 brings the heat with the multiplayer map "Black Box," where you and a friend must shoot your way through a downed Air Force One, nestled between glitzy, gutted-out mansions.

Publish date Mar 8 2012

Call of Duty Elite: Call of Duty: ELITE Content Drop 3 - Overwatch Overview Trailer

Overwatch is a frantic multi-floor-frag-fest 70 stories up with views to match.

Publish date Feb 16 2012

Call of Duty Elite: Join Up, Soldier Trailer

Lt. Colonel Rob Riggle drops a little truth: Call of Duty is about kicking ass. And Call of Duty ELITE is about kicking even more ass.

Publish date Jan 24 2012

Call of Duty Elite: Content Season 2012 - Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look at the new content coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in the coming nine months.

Publish date Jan 11 2012

Call of Duty Elite: Play Together Better Trailer

Learn how you can take your Call of Duty multiplayer experience to the next level with Call of Duty ELITE.

Publish date Nov 29 2011

Call of Duty Elite: Behind-The-Scenes: Improve Feature

Explore the in-depth strategies within the Improve section, where players of all skill levels can pick up new tactics to improve their multiplayer performance.

Publish date Nov 7 2011

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