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Infinity Ward has told Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare fans not to rule out future single-player downloadable content, but the developer doesn't have any plans for it right now.

CoD4 is currently the most played game across Xbox LIVE and PSN and has sold phenomenally well across multiple consoles since its release late last year. While gamers have been looking forward to new multiplayer maps for some time, we haven't heard anything about new single-player content.

When asked if gamers will ever see new single-player DLC for CoD4, Infinity Ward programmer Jon Shiring told "I wouldn't rule it out but we don't have any plans for that right now."

Developers tend to prefer to release new multiplayer content than single-player content when it comes to first-person shooters. When it comes to CoD4, Shiring explained, the new DLC was in direct response to community requests.

"In terms of CoD4, the multiplayer on Xbox LIVE and PSN has been just huge, and so the response there has just been amazing," he said. "A lot of people have told me that it's the first multiplayer game that they've played, so we've drawn a lot of new people into our multiplayer. And the community just keeps asking "give us more maps, more maps, we love to play, we just want more variety in the areas we're fighting in!". So in this case the community has just been asking for more multiplayer maps so that's what we've given them here."

The new Call of Duty 4 multiplayer maps will be out on Xbox LIVE on April 4, at a cost of 800 MS Points. The content will be available on PSN for the same price "approximately 21 days later" according to Infinity Ward. There are currently no plans to bring the maps to PC. Check back tomorrow for the full interview with Jon Shiring, where we grill him on the PSN delay and what new content PC owners can expect.

What new content would you like to see for Call of Duty 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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User Comments

Jesse's Avatar
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I would liek to see some fair freakin treatment for PC gamers like myself.
i go and build a 1,000 dollar computer to play games and i get F***** over. i pay the same price as every one else but get no new content..ohh new skin for crash "woohoo" and we dont even get prestige. console gamers are pampered liek little babys...when we PC gamers have been here the longest...we started this and we get screwed for it? this kind of treament makes me want to stop playing all longer is it fun to make games...its all about the pubs makin money now that they dominate the game market.
Posted 14:42 on 07 April 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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split screen online multiplayer... how could you leave that out?
Posted 04:07 on 07 April 2008
Clance's Avatar


N/A - IW is a business. Businesses are designed to generate money for the owner of the business. People work for the company to earn money for themselves and the business as a whole. Their product is sold to earn them this money. What are they going to charge for the DLC? A Fiver or less? That is merely putting money into the games industry to keep it going...

Without you paying for products the industry would become like the music business - job cutbacks, no chance for bands (new IPs) to develop, dropped after one album if it doesn't sell well, loads of disposable crap (X-factor generation of gaming - bad movie games and sure fire hits) will replace imaginative, challenging gaming.

That is a bleak outlook, granted but a realistic one if developers listened to whingers like you.
Posted 12:43 on 01 April 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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I'd like to see them put some effort into fixing the animations... A guy can be lasered in on you with a scope, but to you, he appears to be looking somewhere else and moving around slightly.

Also, if all I can see is the top of your head, how can you shoot me? Where is your weapon? Should it not be visible ?

Neither of these would happen in Halo, but then again, Halo plays like swimming in molasses which is worse.

Posted 12:34 on 01 April 2008
N/A's Avatar
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If there wasnt so many kids that played ure games that have no money sense and get thier parents to cough up the money for DLC you game companys wouldnt getaway with ripping customers off hope you see this IW.
Posted 03:50 on 01 April 2008
N/A's Avatar
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Ure just pushing out DLC stuff that costs you next to nothing to make and charging and ripping off ure customers with over the top priced DLC wont be buying can assure you or any off ure products again.
Posted 03:46 on 01 April 2008
N/A's Avatar
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Course they have no plans for the DLC maps for PC thats because PC gamers dont like paying for DLC unlike us poor mugs on consoles who have to pay if we want the DLC stuff thus IW wont be able to milk the pc gamers for more money. Just admit it IW ure no better then EA and ure taking us all for fools.
Posted 03:43 on 01 April 2008
bob's Avatar
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how about some new guns
Posted 03:21 on 01 April 2008
cell989's Avatar
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I still think multiplayer maps were more important and relevant.
Posted 19:53 on 31 March 2008
screwedup's Avatar
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a jungle snipe stage would be nice.and something after a called in helicopter maybe repeat the list.
Posted 17:39 on 31 March 2008
Karlius's Avatar


New Achievements in Single Player Mode would be good. :)
Posted 15:16 on 31 March 2008

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