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Overnight reports from the US that mega-publisher Activision Blizzard will release new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk titles next year are "speculative", the company has told

Last night MTV Multiplayer reported that Activision Blizzard confirmed a string of new game titles at a Massive Inc. upfront - an event where publishers showcase their line-up to advertisers.

Games rolled out hoping to secure in-game advertising included Guitar Hero 5 and a new Tony Hawk complete with all-new controller-less gameplay (you won't be holding a standard controller in your hands) with a release set for October 2009 on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS.

Activision also confirmed a new title in the Call of Duty franchise, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 due for release in the autumn of 09.

MTV also reported that Bizarre Creations (PGR and Geometry Wars) is working on a racing-focussed James Bond game that isn't tied to a movie storyline. This was said to be lined-up for a September 2009 release. The studio was also reported to be working on an original racing title described as Mario Kart meets Forza.

Despite the apparent validity of the news (Newsweek's much respected blogger N'Gai Croal twittered from the event), a representative from Activison Blizzard told this afternoon that the reports were "speculative as far as we're concerned".

We'll have more on this story as soon as we get it.

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slurpee02's Avatar


i like the sniper wars i realy hope they have that in the new cod4
Posted 03:31 on 23 April 2009
gunnie22's Avatar
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You should be able to crawl and shoot while in last stand, then like in COD World at War you can get revived. But don't put in tanks in like COD World at War people use them too much and it is getting old getting killed by the tank again and again.
Posted 19:34 on 07 February 2009
John's Avatar
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I think that they should cap the jaugernaut usage, disable it after a certain level untill you prestiage. If your using this perk when your a level 50 or something like that you shouldnt be playing the game. Also allow for co-op game play, that was the biggest knock on COD 4. Disable the noob tube at a certain level, you watch it too many times, some one will end up with 15 kills but 30 deaths because they run out of ammo and they cant compete in close combat.
They should make maps for people that like to snipe so they can have their own game, something like sniper wars or something. To many times people are trying to snipe on boards that in all reality you would never carry a snper rifle into.
Another feature would be if your using last stand, allow the player to throw gernades and use his primary weapon.
Make the guns more realistic too, i\'ve been killed before from a shotgun from across the board, last time i checked their not putting buckshot in these guns.
I guess most of all though, make it more realistic, you\'ll watch your kill cam, and you will die when you are shot in the knee, this should be an area of the body that your player will drop down into a last stand kind of mode, and still allow you to shoot, not die from a gun shot to the leg.
Posted 12:50 on 02 January 2009
L3op4rd's Avatar
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That sounds good, but I think it wil be a chaos in it. What do you think?
Posted 19:30 on 06 December 2008
Shenkster's Avatar
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Me too :)
Posted 14:43 on 06 December 2008
Netmind's Avatar


Modern Warfare 2 sounds good to my ears :)
Posted 23:08 on 04 December 2008

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