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More Call of Duty this summer?

The War Collection spotted on

7 Publish date May 10 2010

Infinity Ward to develop Call of Duty 6

Call of Duty 4 developer to helm latest sequel, but when is it due for release?

Publish date Sep 16 2008

Infinity Ward now the sole dev working on Call of Duty?

Call of Duty 5 to be the last non-Infinity Ward developed entry in the series.

1 Publish date Apr 22 2008

Activision teases with talk of CoD MMO

CEO Bobby Kotick on the future of the Call of Duty franchise.

Publish date Mar 5 2008

Call of Duty 5 goes back to WWII

Treyarch taking the series back to its roots.

1 Publish date Dec 10 2007

CoD5, Guitar Hero 4 'in pipeline'

Activision Blizzard merger fact sheet reveals new games in development.

13 Publish date Dec 3 2007

Guitar Hero and Call of Duty bolster Activision profits

Publisher's profits more than double in latest financial year from $40 million to $86 million.

1 Publish date Jun 1 2007

Five new maps for Call of Duty 3

Xbox 360 owners can now purchase the Bravo Map Pack from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Publish date Jun 1 2007

Gears of War still the most played Xbox Live game

For the week beginning February 12 it is once again Gears of War which reigns supreme as the most played Xbox Live game.

Publish date Feb 20 2007

Activision bread and butter franchises do the business

Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith has praised the success of his company's bread and butter franchises.

Publish date Feb 8 2007

Call of Duty 3 Map Pack now fixed

Activision has given its Call of Duty 3 Valor Map Pack some medical attention and it's now ready to soldier on.

Publish date Jan 30 2007

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