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Brutal Legend coming to PC on February 26

Pre-order to gain immediate access to a multiplayer beta.

Publish date Feb 14 2013

Every Double Fine game is now on sale

Includes 50% off Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade and Double Fine Happy Action Theatre.

Publish date Oct 10 2012 Plays February 26, 2012

This week the team plays MotorStorm RC, Snake Eater 3D, Skyrim, and Brutal Legend.

24 Publish date Feb 26 2012

Tim Schafer on everything but Bobby Kotick

Has some strong words to say about the Queen.

2 Publish date Oct 12 2010

Double Fine has a 100% cancellation rate

But the dev has still managed to ship the games anyway.

1 Publish date Jul 15 2010

Second Brutal Legend DLC out December 17

New skins, weapon upgrades, multiplayer maps and achievements.

Publish date Dec 10 2009

Schafer wants more DLC for Brutal Legend

Also wants to tune elements of the game.

Publish date Dec 8 2009

First Brutal Legends DLC out next week

Will be free for PS3 players for a limited time.

1 Publish date Oct 27 2009

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA spoils Uncharted party

PS3 exclusive action adventure title is comfortably the PS3's No.1.

2 Publish date Oct 19 2009 Plays

What we've been playing this week.

18 Publish date Oct 10 2009

Brutal Legend Preview

Video game legend Tim Schafer on Jack Black, Psychonauts sequels and 'secret stuff'.

Publish date Sep 23 2009

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Release Date: 16/10/2009
Developer: Double Fine
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action
No. Players: One
Rating: BBFC 15
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