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Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway screenshot
Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway screenshot

At Ubidays in Paris last week, Gearbox Software's resident military hard nut Colonel John Antal took to the stage to tell us all why upcoming WW2 shooter Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is full of Hooah. Which is all well and good. But we thought we'd catch up with main man Randy Pitchford to quiz him on the game's delay, differences between the two console versions and making sure the game's authentic enough for Nick, our resident war expert and co-star of The VideoGamer Show. Still definitely on for an August release?

Randy Pitchford: Yes. We are in baby! We are landing this plane! We're just trying to keep her held together as we come in. We're looking at August. It's looking good. We've got 300-400 issues left in our queue, we're fixing about 200 a week, we're finding about 50. But it's looking good. We are here baby. We finally made it! How does it feel to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel?

RP: It's awesome and scary as hell! We've been working on this thing for a long time. The guys work so hard and they care. All of us we spend so much time on this stuff. The guys that work on this game they put so much of their hearts and souls in. My greatest wish is that they're gratified by the result. They feel pride, people like what we've all created and we make enough where we can keep going and do another one even better. That's what I wish for.

And the game feels good. It's impossible for me to be objective but from my seat man we've got something special here and I'm really proud of it. I've made a few games in my career so it's starting to get easier for me to predict what's going to happen but you never can. I don't want to be too cocky so I'm scared as hell. You know I'm scared as hell! But I like the fear, it means we're ready. It's been delayed a few times, what was the primary reason behind that?

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway screenshot

RP: The thing is we've never announced a release date. We have a vision that we're trying to build. I understand every time there's been a preview or every time somebody at our great partners at Ubisoft need to communicate with the retailers, and there's always that blank they have to fill in, the release date blank, and they do the best they can to guess based on how we're feeling. And there has been a lot of uncertainty because we've invented a lot in this game. Whenever you're inventing it's like Edison when he came up with the light bulb, he knew that if he ran electricity through that filament that it was going to make light but I'm pretty sure at the beginning he didn't realise it was going to take him 98 prototypes before he figured out exactly how to get it marketable. So we knew what we wanted to do and we knew we could do it but there's been a bit of uncertainty in places where we've invented new technology and new features that really haven't been done before.

And so we've committed to what we wanted to do which means, 'hey, I'm sorry about your fiscal quarter but we're trying to make a game that we want to make'. I love Ubisoft as a partner because they've been so patient with us and so flexible as we've made the game that we really wanted to make. So it's got nothing to do with the PS3 version then?

RP: Oh no. We've got all three versions in here and they're all looking good. You can play the PS3 version, the 360 and PC version and they're all awesome. The amount of time that we've spent is because we're super committed to doing what we wanted to do and fulfilling our vision. And some percentage of what we were trying to do is hard to predict. But we're landing now so we're good.

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway screenshot Will there be any differences between the versions when it finally comes out?

RP: Yeah there's always differences between each platform. They're the same game. So if you are, say an Xbox 360 gamer you're going to want our 360 version because we've got the Achievements in there, we know what the 360 controller is all about and we're tuned to that, we understand Marketplace and some things we might come with later after it comes out.

If you're a PlayStation gamer you're going to like the PlayStation version better because you like the way the controller feels, you like interfacing with the PlayStation Network and that's going to feel like a more natural experience for you. Same with the PC. When you get online with the multiplayer game on the PC it feels like a PC server browser situation. So each platform respects what each platform is supposed to be. But it's the same game. You're not going to have a totally different game on each platform.

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Baker's Avatar
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I've been waiting for this game ever since it was announced! I'm so pumped that It's coming out on the shelves in late september. I highly recommend everyone buying it! =D
Posted 07:02 on 19 September 2008
wiz's Avatar
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Even after all the world war II shooters released for the xbox 360 and ps3 I still think brothers in arms road to hill 30 and earned in blood for xbox and pc beat all of them because although the graphics look horrible compared to todays the gameplay still makes the most realistic world war II experience ever. People don't seem to realize or care that games like call of duty and modal of honor are not even close to what real world war two combat was like.
Posted 04:11 on 19 July 2008
Mr Twinkie 200's Avatar
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Mr Twinkie 200

I mean, yeah the game looks ****ing sweet and stuff, i'm a HUGE fan of BIA and can't wait no matter what i will buy it
Posted 21:54 on 16 July 2008
Mr Twinkie 200's Avatar
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Mr Twinkie 200

Well yeah, but as you can see Randy has said the Demo might come later then the real thing so to be honest they have pushed it back so many times, i'm with you there Floots, i've been waiting so long they are really starting to do my head in now.
Posted 21:52 on 16 July 2008
tal knight2's Avatar
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tal knight2

It's great thay they're are going to release a demo. Aside from helping those un-familiar with the franchise decide whether or not to buy it, it can help you understand if you computer can even handle it, and, best of all, gives you the opportunity to get some next-gen tactical combat without buying the game! :D
Posted 19:57 on 10 June 2008
Floots's Avatar
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I have been watching and waiting for this game for 2 years now and I am so pumped to get it. The multiplayer is going to be sick...I am ready for a new change (Teamdeath match is boring). Everything about this game makes COD and MOH run for their money.
Posted 04:02 on 06 June 2008
Wido's Avatar


Brothers in Arms has always been a good WWII shooter, you can easily put it up there with the COD series and MoH. I'm liking this game very much and I can see alot coming from it as well. Nice review Wesley Yin-Poole doing a good review as usual.
Posted 18:12 on 05 June 2008

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