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Breach screenshot

After a slew of anti-war patriots went on the defensive over Atomic Games' plan to depict the real life Operation Iraqi Freedom, Six Days in Fallujah got shelved. Konami dropped out as publisher, and the little shooter-that-could became the shooter-that-couldn't-be. Ah well. You win some, you lose some. Six Days has slipped back into the ether of unpublished games, but crawling out of that shadow is Breach.

Breach is an 8-vs-8 multiplayer shooter developed for PC and XBLA, putting you at the centre of what is essentially, or at least superficially, a by-the-numbers shooter scenario; a dusty terrain filled with small but strategically placed buildings that you can run into for cover when need be. But more specifically this is a multiplayer shooter that's been devised by a relatively small studio, which is a feat in and of itself. Regardless of generic settings or even the question of whether in an age of CoD it's even economically sound to develop what is ostensibly an indie FPS title, it's impressive that a studio with a small budget can create a title that looks and plays well enough to even be considered a reiteration of big-budget FPS.

The game takes its inspiration, at least in terms of destructibility, from Bad Company and to a lesser extent Red Faction. And in part you can thank Atomic's career history. Beyond game development they've had a hand in creating simulation titles for training exercises, and have essentially taken the realism of simulation and built gameplay around that. How is it different from other highly destructible environments? Well it's very highly destructible. The restrictions of Bad Company, particularly the inability to shoot through walls within a building, don't exist.

So while you have a decent cover system, everything is perishable. Loiter inside a building long enough and you will get shot at through the walls until eventually there is no wall. Similarly, if a grenade explodes next to a wall, the wall doesn't simply evaporate; sections of the wall are taken out, from individual bricks to wood planks that are independent of each other. You can use this tactically as well, by shooting out individual bricks of a wall to create a hole to shoot from. It's based on a military tactic called Mouseholing.

The game modes offered, however, are pretty standard fare. There are four to choose from: Infiltration, Convoy, Retrieval and Team Deathmatch. Infiltration is essentially a Conquest-style mode that has you and your team capturing different areas of the map. Convoy is an Assault and Defend game type in which the target of the assault is a moving convoy. Retrieval pits both teams against the other to retrieve a bioweapon and drop it off at a specific location. Team Deathmatch is what you'd imagine. Before you drop into a new mode you can choose from one of the five class types: Rifleman, Gunner, Sniper, Support, and Recon. They aren't exactly fixed, however, considering any time you die you are able to try out a new class. Along the way you'll earn and spend XP on new weapons, perks, and upgrades, along with rank upgrades that will take you from Grunt to Commander.

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Game Stats

Release Date: 01/01/2011
Developer: Atomic Games
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: 1-16
Rating: TBC
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