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Blur screenshot

For Bizarre Creations, Judgement Day is now just a few weeks away. When Blur is released to the masses at the end of this month, we'll find out whether the Liverpool studio's racing-with-power-ups gambit has finally paid off. Among the UK gaming press, the informal consensus appears to be that it may well have done. Initial reactions to the project were cloudy: fans of the more straight-laced Project Gotham series were sceptical about the new carnage-driven approach, particularly in light of all the other big-name racers that arrived in late 2009 – DIRT 2, Forza 3, and Need For Speed: Shift. But when the game re-emerged from the shadows earlier this year, there was a definite sense that Blur had found its stride.

The game certainly seemed to go down well with the assembled scribblers at March's multiplayer event, shortly before the launch of the online beta on Xbox LIVE, but up until now we've not seen anything of the single-player side of things. Then again, perhaps that's quite understandable: the original plan for the main campaign was to tie all the races together with a story, complete with cutscenes, villainous rivals, and loud banter between rival drivers.

This has all been dramatically cut-back in favour of a far more traditional structure. Career mode is now divided across several tiers, each of them comprising of a handful of events at tracks around the world. In addition to the straight-up races, you'll also compete in checkpoint and destruction contests – both of which pit you against a rapidly-decreasing time limit. In the former you'll slow the clock by hitting gates and top-up icons; in the latter you'll earn back seconds by wiping out drone-like rival cars. Finally, each tier concludes with a one-on-one race against a boss-like character. Previously this would have tied in with the over-arching plot, but now it just seems to be a nice way to round off each set of events before you unlock the next. Still, you get to keep your rival's car once you beat them – and you'll be able to use the new motor in multiplayer games, too.

Before you actually get to challenge one of the boss characters, you'll have to meet their demands. Thankfully this doesn't involve dropping a satchel of cash off at a shady location, or submitting to some form of strange sexual predilection; instead you'll simply have to tick off a number of goals. Early rivals will want you to pass a number of events, or to score a certain number of fans – Blur's equivalent to Project Gotham's Kudos system, rewarding you for stylish driving – but at later levels you can expect these requests to become increasingly taxing.

It's the demands system itself, rather than the head-to-head races that follow them, that now sums up to Bizarre's approach to the single-player campaign. You've got the freedom to flit back and forth between races as you see fit, but on top of that there are literally hundreds of goals and targets to meet. Achievements and Trophies are now directly linked to the collection of stickers – in-game badges that are awarded for completing specific tasks. Each sticker actually has four separate tick-boxes that need to be met – from weapon-based tricks to goals involving sightseeing at certain track-side landmarks – and since there's a whopping 50 of them to earn, it'll take you ages to get the lot. And there are yet more extra objectives and optional challenges to be found elsewhere: drive over the "fan run" icon during a race, for example, and you'll summon a set of 20 glowing arches to pass through. Hit the lot, and you'll get a bonus to your fan score.

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TJP75's Avatar


Quality demo, loved the concept and the gamplay is a lot of fun. Bizarre are yet to let me down, Blur is on pre-order.
Posted 06:33 on 12 May 2010
scaz2244's Avatar


i played the beta but dint really like it tbh i dont really like the whole guns and boosters and stuff like that would of been happier if they made a new PGR or the club or something entirely new
Posted 20:10 on 03 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


I'm not going to bother with either Split/Second or Blur.
Haven't got enough money to consider them tbh.
But a great preview man.
Posted 10:48 on 03 May 2010
Wido's Avatar


I downloaded the Blur Beta last night. Played quite a few games with Ghost5 and another friend. I really like Blur to be honest. I had a friend who thinks Blur is better than Mario Kart... I disagree, because, yes Blur has licensed cars, and no you are not Mario or any other character. But the race tracks haven't got interactions with them to be as par as Mario Kart. They might be some tracks in the full game which may have boost ramps, shortcuts and environment triggers which can cause a stir in the race.

Great game from Bizarre and it really is bizarre as well :p I prefer this to Split/Second. Blur has the more fun 'factor' as its a blast playing with friends.

Great preview Neon.
Posted 10:24 on 03 May 2010


nice preview neon
i was looking forward to this, only then i found out it was coming out less than 2 weeks before my exams started :(
Posted 09:24 on 03 May 2010

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