Blur screenshot
Blur screenshot

If you're an obsessive trophy hunter then this may all sound like cherry pie, but it's hard to escape the feeling that career mode is now simply a training ground for the rampant frolics of multiplayer. We've already heard about Bizarre's quirks and innovations for the online game – the perks system, the hugely customisable rule sets, and the curious support from Twitter and other Web Socialite 2.0 gubbins. There's also the customisable Challenge system, the mechanic that lets you slap your mates about the face with a virtual gauntlet: if you've finished the Hackney checkpoint race in a particular time, why not ask Blind Murray if he can do it quicker, in a worse car, and without the aid of turbo power-ups? It won't even matter if Murray is a cheapskate with a Silver LIVE account – he'll still be able to take up your dare. And what's more, he'll probably lose. Because he has no eyes.

Blur's career mode may seem a bit straightforward when compared to these fresh ideas, but given how chaotic the multiplayer events can be, it may end up being the best place to learn the game's ropes. That's not to say that the AI will give you an easy ride of it: even on the lowest difficulty setting, there's still a clear need for solid racing skills. Make no mistake, you'll definitely need to master the game's flashy and highly destructive power-ups, too – but if you drive like your nan on her way to the bingo hall, you'll never get anywhere. By the time you've unlocked all the vehicles you'll have a choice of 20 different motors in any given race, from grippy little coupés to power-sliding beasts like the Dodge Challenger – a car that seems to have a suicidal mind of its own, like Herbie after too much Joy Division.

In short, this is still very much a racer at heart. And while each of the power-ups have the potential to send you crashing out of first place, all of them – from the black hole-like Mines to Shunt, a huge ball of energy that rolls tears down the track – have a way of being avoided or countered. This isn't Mario Kart, and there's no dreaded Blue Shell; even Shock, which dumps three blue pillars of static death in front of the leading driver, can be steered around if you have the skill and awareness.

And while these WipEout-like weapons may well be a far cry from the sobriety of Project Gotham, there's a similar air of stylish self-confidence in the game's presentation. Power-ups or no power-ups, a new Bizarre Creations title is a major event for any racing fan. Have the Scousers done enough to win over the nay-sayers? On May 28, we'll find out for sure.

Blur will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on May 28.

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User Comments

TJP75's Avatar


Quality demo, loved the concept and the gamplay is a lot of fun. Bizarre are yet to let me down, Blur is on pre-order.
Posted 06:33 on 12 May 2010
scaz2244's Avatar


i played the beta but dint really like it tbh i dont really like the whole guns and boosters and stuff like that would of been happier if they made a new PGR or the club or something entirely new
Posted 20:10 on 03 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


I'm not going to bother with either Split/Second or Blur.
Haven't got enough money to consider them tbh.
But a great preview man.
Posted 10:48 on 03 May 2010
Wido's Avatar


I downloaded the Blur Beta last night. Played quite a few games with Ghost5 and another friend. I really like Blur to be honest. I had a friend who thinks Blur is better than Mario Kart... I disagree, because, yes Blur has licensed cars, and no you are not Mario or any other character. But the race tracks haven't got interactions with them to be as par as Mario Kart. They might be some tracks in the full game which may have boost ramps, shortcuts and environment triggers which can cause a stir in the race.

Great game from Bizarre and it really is bizarre as well :p I prefer this to Split/Second. Blur has the more fun 'factor' as its a blast playing with friends.

Great preview Neon.
Posted 10:24 on 03 May 2010


nice preview neon
i was looking forward to this, only then i found out it was coming out less than 2 weeks before my exams started :(
Posted 09:24 on 03 May 2010

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