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BioShock Infinite screenshot
BioShock Infinite screenshot

Ken Levine might not be up there with the likes of Molyneux and Miyamoto in terms of popularity and public awareness, but amongst the games industry he's a big deal. The success of BioShock turned him into one of the most talked about figures in game development, and now he's back with BioShock: Infinite. We caught up with him at gamescom 2010 to chat about 'BioShock in the air' and why he didn't work on BioShock 2.

Q: If you look at your two main franchises, System Shock and BioShock, you guys have working on very similar kinds of games for over a decade. So why not make a new IP?

Ken Levine: I think we were attracted to the idea of messing with people's expectations of what a sequel is. If you do a new IP, that's a new IP but we've done that before. We've done new IPs, we've done sequels, but we've never done something where… we had this reaction in New York last week where we showed people and their first reaction was, "what the fuck? What are you doing? I don't get it." And that's what we wanted. We wanted people to have that reaction. And I think it's more a reflection of how conservative the games industry is in a lot of ways. We wanted to push on that boundary. But also we like telling stories a certain way. And because [what we did in BioShock] is not something that people have done a ton of there's a lot of room left to explore. We kind of felt like if we did a totally new IP and we did the same narrative techniques and the tool techniques people would say 'why isn't this a BioShock game?'

Q: Why didn't you guys decide to work on BioShock 2 then?

KL: There were discussions about it. We knew the timeframe it had to come out in and we knew that the company wanted more stories in rapture and neither of those were interesting to us for the ambitions we had. And so we talked about it for a little while and it just wasn't something we thought would be challenging enough for ourselves and would be a product that people would think, as a studio, would just be repeating ourselves.

Q: Do you consider BioShock 2 to be part of the canon?

KL: Uhm… Yeah, you know. It's not something we worked on and it's not something we had any involvement in. But we're either all in or all out. I understand the question but in terms of 'canon', for me, it's all kind of made up. I can't say [BioShock 2] is absolutely my vision of a BioShock game, because I didn't make it.

BioShock Infinite screenshot

Q: When the trailer first hit a lot of people were sceptical, calling it "AirShock" and "BioShock in the air". How would you respond to that?

KL: I think it's not surprising that people were sceptical because I think in order to fulfil people's expectations you have to defy them to some degree. And how do you pitch or write that story about this game? It's not an easy story to write. Same with the original BioShock. When people wrote about BioShock it wasn't an easy story to write. What is it? Is it an FPS? Is it an RPG? Is it a horror game? Is it a survival horror? But getting back to that feeling of 'what the f$$k?' was really important to us.

We kind of knew that would happen. But even as the evening wore on when I was doing interviews people would start to process the game. And today it's less about meta questions like "How is that a sequel?" and now it's more about "What is Elizabeth's role in this game?" And we expected that, we completely expected that. That's our job, it's to surprise people and confound people's expectations, not to fulfil every expectation.

Like if you look at the Star Wars prequels. I think one of the challenges those films have was that it was like "Oh, you know all these guys from those movies, this is how they got there". At the end of the day this is not that interesting. It's fan service. "Oh there's C-3PO!" That's not what's interesting to me. People asking all these meta questions about how this connects with the franchise is much more interesting a question than "Oh, C-3PO didn't originally have the golden armour on" because that's just fan service. It's not what we're looking to do.

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